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  California, United States

Username: Trisaw


About Trisaw
I model modern topics, mainly post 1991 Gulf War onwards. My modeling interests include: * Science-fiction/ fantasy * 1/100 Gundam * 1/35 armor * Kitbashed projects * Special Forces * Resin or plastic modern figures * 1/24 Police, fire, medical, and Government vehicles * Rare, unique, original, and unusual topics * And subjects I have an interest in.

My Awards

AAAO Award: This award signifies that this person completed the Alone, Against All Odds figure campaign.
Around the World: Award for completion of the 2004 Armorama science fiction group build.
Capital Cruiser Campaign: Issued too those who participated and produced one or more models for this campaign in the time specified.
Cavorite: Completion of the Cavorite campaign
Fantasy Campaign Award: This award is given to those, who managed to finish their entry for Fantasy Campaign
Femininity Award: This award is given for making at least one figure in the Femininity Campaign on Historicus Forma.
Improve your figures award ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to the brave souls who have endured the trials of figure building, completing the
Painting Those Troops Award: Awarded for bravery in the face of unpainted figures! The barer of this has performed figure-painting skills beyond the call of duty!
Quiet Professionals: This award signifies this person has completed The OPERATION QUIET PROFESSIONALS campaign
Sci-Fi and Alternative History campaign: Sci-Fi Ribbon
Sci-Fi IV ribbon:
ShellofaMan: This campaign covered an armored suit theme.  It took it's inspiration from the Ma.K. SF3D kits.
Sniper 3 Award: this This award signifies this person completed the sniper 3 Campaign
Special Forces : This award signifies this person completed the special forces campaign
Special forces award:
Stand Bold Award: This award signifies this person complete the Stand Bold Campaign.
T2K: 2005: This award signifies that the participant has completed all requirements for the Twilight 200: 2005 Defendo ad Ultimum campaign.
T2K:2006 S&M: Award for participation and completion of a entry for the Twilight 2000: 2006 Secrets and Monsters Campaign.  This was a tough year, so wear it with pride.
Tank Hunters Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies the successful completion of the Tank Hunters Campaign
What If 2: This ribbon signifies that this member is a veteran of What If 2 campaign.  Well done!