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Report the News
How do I submit news?
To send us news you can either use our online submission form or email () it to us. If you have photos to submit as well we would recommend using the email option.

What is considered a news story?
A news story can be any information that modelers would find interesting. New release info, events, new company announcements, museum openings, and many more topics would qualify. However news stories should be more than a sentence or two of information. Those type of messages or alerts should be posted in our forums. A good example of this would be a story about an upcoming model show is a news story, however a small change to the starting time is not.

How do I send photos?
Photos should be sent to us using the email option (). Please do not send "thumbnail" sized images. Full sized photos are prefered but please do not try to send overly large files either (2MB or smaller files are best).
Product Samples
Vendors: How do I send products for you to review?
We accept samples for review on our site. We prioritize reviews by their release status. If a kit/item is not yet available for sale it will get the highest priority as a product preview. Samples should be sent to our main offices using this address:
KitMaker Network
19 Wilton Road
Suite 14 PMB 151
Peterborough, NH 03458-1799
United States
Vendors: How do I get items to appear on your Mail Call videos?
Only items sent to our office in Clovis, California will be able to be featured on our YouTube Mail Call video series.

Questions about samples?
Contact the publisher at:

Modelers: Are samples avialble for review?
Yes. We send out the majority of all the samples we receive to staff, members or outside authors/content creators.

Modelers: Where can I see what is available for review?
We post all our samples to an online spreadsheet using Google Docs. Follow the link(s) below to find them.
Publish a Review
How do I get a review sample?
Generally speaking we send review samples provided by vendors to those members or authors we have some history or track-record with. However new contributors are constantly joining those ranks so please don't be discouraged about requesting a sample. When writing for a sample please include any relevant information you feel would help your case. Those being other online reviews you have done, experience, and samples of your photography. Much of the time photo skills are a key factor in doing online reviews. For more information about obtaining review samples please look at the Samples section above this on and also this online document.

How do I submit a review?
Once you have written your review via MS Word (or another pc-based text editor) and have it saved on your PC, you can then use our online review form to submit all the details for your review. Photos can be sent seperately using this () email.

Become an Author
What is considered a feature article?
Features can be a variety of online articles. Build stories, techniuques, historical essays, and show reports are just a few of the articles we publish on this site. A feature article could be as short as a page if it is a simple technique, or as long as 20 pages if an in-depth story on a year long diorama project. We pretty much leave the writing part to you, the author. We will only review your text for proper grammer (we accept either British English or American English) and make or suggest corrections with your consent. When you have finished your article submitting it is an easy process.

Where do I send it?
Just email () the text and photos to us for review and publication. Remember that most email systems do have a cap/limit on the size of attachments you can send or that we can receive. Our cap is around 20MB currently. If needed, just break up the submission into workable parts.

What type of documents can I send?
Because our staff will not always have access to every type of word processing application out there, we suggest using something fairly simple like MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad or other generic .txt file generator. Simpler is better. And under no circumstances waste time embedding images in apps like MS Word. We can not extract them easily and they also degrade badly from that process. Send images seperately as .jpg files.

How long does it take before being published?
This process can take from a few days to several weeks if the editing process is lengthy. Images can sometimes cause delays if either there are numerous or they need to be refined or re-shot.

Display Your Work
What photos do you publish?
Our photo features generally are completed models or walkarounds of reference vehicles. While we do have standards for any submissions these are generally photo quality and not how perfect your model is made. We like to feature completed model photos from a range of hobbyists that include beginners, experienced, and master-level modelers.

What type/size of digital files should I send?
There are (3) typical issues with digital files:
FILE FORMAT - Images should be in either .jpg or .jpeg format.
FILE SIZE - File sizes should not exceed 2MB per file.
IMAGE RESOLUTION - Image pixel resolution sizes should generally be higher than 800 x 600. We would prefer to get them to be at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

If your files are in a RAW format from your digital camera, there are many simple applications available via sites like Download.com/CNET. Just search "photo resizing".

Where do I send photos?
Just email () your photos to us for review and publication. Remember that most email systems do have a cap/limit on the size of attachments you can send or that we can receive. Our cap is around 20MB currently. If needed, just break up the submission into workable parts.
Produce a Video
How do I submit a video?
High-definition videos are a new and developing segment of our online content. Shooting them can take some trial and error on your part to come up with the best results. Also due to the bandwidth and demands of streaming video, we host all our videos on sites like YouTube. If you are interested in providing videos for a KitMaker site please contact us at: