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November MOM Contest

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Submit Your Photos!
The November Dragon Model of the Month contest is open for entries.

Please also take a moment to read through the updated rules, regarding bases, structures and figures. We plan to be a lot more strict this year, regarding the entries and hopefully will not have to disappoint members as they will follow the new rules.

Please submit your entries to: jessica(dot)cooper(at)aeroscale(dot)co(dot)uk

All models finished during the month of November are elligible.

The Rules
Submissions follow the new rules as follows:

1. The model should be a recent one that you have completed in the past few months, ideally in the month the contest is running. This rule is based on an honour system and we hope everyone will comply with it. More than one entry per user is permitted provided the models completed comply with this criteria. Please do not submit a model to the contest more than once.

2. The photos should be of a single aicrcraft-related model against a plain background (white or Blue preferred, but other neutral colours are acceptable. If your model is a light colour, then a contrasting darker background is acceptable) not attached to any base or with any figures. If the model is built gear-up, it may be displayed on a simple stand. It must be clearly marked as your entry with the photo titled "Contest Entry (month)" with the month replaced by the name of the month you are entering i.e. January for January etc.

3. One of your photos should include (in the shot) a piece of paper with the following info:
a. The contest name: Aeroscale Model of the Month
b. Your full name
c. Date the photo was taken

4. Submit from 5-10 photos of your entry to jessica(dot)cooper(at)aeroscale(dot)co(dot)uk

5.Photos should be a minimum of 800x600 and shot against a plain background.

6. Include the following information in the email:
a. Your full name
b. Your shipping address (for prize fulfilment)
c. Your KitMaker username
d. The title/name of your model
e. Your preferred contest entry photo. If you do not indicate an entry, Jessica will choose one which may not be your favourite.

7.The rest of your supporting pictures can show the model as the modeller intends with figures and a base, and even some of the construction should you wish as the remaining images will be used to publish your winning entry on the homepage after the contest has concluded. In addition to the winning entries, we may select additional photos for publishing at a future date in a feature.
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The November MOM Contest is open for entries. Link to Item If you have comments or questions please post them here. Thanks!
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We have an entry!
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We have two more fantastic entries!
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Another entry!
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The entries keep rolling in...
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The entries aren't stopping anytime soon!
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