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In-Box Review
WEM HMS Belfast PE Set
White Ensign Models HMS Belfast Photo Etch Set
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by: Warren Inman [ WARRENI ]

Originally published on:
Model Shipwrights

White Ensign Models (WEM) have released a new photo-etch set to raise the detailing of Trumpeter's HMS Belfast to another level. WEM were kind enough to send me a set to include in a build review of Trumpeter's HMS Belfast.

The set consists of the following items all on two photoetch frets:
Parts list: Railings (Foc'sle), Railings (Main Deck Amidships), Foremast Top Gaff, Railings (Main Deck Aft), Railings (Shelter Deck Forward), Railings (Aft Director Deck), Railings (Lower Bridge Deck), Railings (Hangar Roof), Railings (X Gun Deck), Railings (B Gun Deck), Type 86 TBS Antennas, Railings (Paravane Platforms), Railings (Pom-Pom Deck), Railings (Y Gun Deck), 281 Radar Antenna Mast Aft, 281 Radar Antenna Mast Forward, Foretop Anemometer Array, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Accommodation Ladder Hand Rails, Aft 4 Gun Supports, Railings (Main Deck Step Aft), 8-Barrelled Pom-Pom Fittings, 281 Radar Antenna Frames, 281 Radar Antenna Dipoles, 284 Gunnery Radar Antennas, 284 Radar Antenna Top Mounts, Searchlight Lens Crosses, Main Director Catwalk, Foretop 281 Platform, Foremast 16 Yardarms, 282 Radar Yagi Antennas, 285 Radar Yagi Antennas, Walrus Amphibian Parts, Bridge Windscreen, Early Mast Top Platforms, Early Mainmast DF Antenna, 291 Radar Antenna, Inclined Ladder (Part PE6), Inclined Ladders (Parts PE8), Inclined Ladder (Part PE11), Landing for Ladder 40, Inclined Ladders (Parts PE4), Boiler Room Vent Grilles, Inclined Ladders (Parts PE5), Inclined Ladders (Parts PE9 & PE10), Bridge Front DF Antenna, Mainmast Top Gaff, Paravane Parts, Funnel Cap Grille Aft (For Kit Part), Funnel Cap Grille Fwd (For Kit Part), Funnel Cap Grilles for Correction Set, Mainmast IFF Responder, Type 91 TBS Antenna Array, Mainmast 281 Platform; Crane Jib Rigging (Stowed), Crane Jib Rigging (Raised), Crane Jib, Crane Jib Attachment Block, Crane Hook, Pulley Wheels, Catapult Top Inside Plate, Aircraft Catapult, Catapult Side Braces, Catapult Extenders, Catapult Manouevring Pump, Aft Boat Frame Rear Supports, Aft Boat Frame, Aft Boat Frame Port Side Supports, Aft Boat Frame Starboard Side Support, Forward Boat Frame Rear Cross Brace, Forward Boat Frame, Forward Boat Frame Inner Cross-Brace, 4 Gun Deck Extension Supports, Forward Life Raft Racks, Single Side Life raft Racks, Aft Life Raft Racks, Searchlight Lens Crosses, Radar Lantern Platform, Radar Lantern Mast Landing, Radar Lantern Mast, Radar Lantern Mast Braces (Side), Radar Lantern Mast Braces (Front), 276 Radar Lantern, Hangar Roller Doors, Breakwater Front Braces, Foc'sle Breakwater, Breakwater Rear Braces, Catapult Launch Cradle Frame, Launch Cradle Turntable, Launch Cradle Trolley, Aircraft Deck Handling Cradle, Aircraft Deck Handling Trolley, Boat Boom Attachment Brackets, Aft Searchlight Platform Framework (Port), Aft Searchlight Platform (Port), Aft Searchlight Platform (Starboard), Aft Searchlight Platform Framework (Starboard), Bridge Venturi Outer Strip (Front), Bridge Venturi Outer Strip (Rear), Twin 20mm Guns for Powered Mounts, Foremast Platform, Torpedo Tube Doors, Lower Bridge Venturi Outer Strip, Lower Bridge Venturi, Lower Bridge Bulwark, Lower Bridge Venturi Baffle Plates, Mainmast Starfish Platform, 16 Dinghy Thwarts & Rudders, 4 Gun Mount Details, 35 Motor Boat Parts, 32 Cutter Thwarts & Rudders, Depth Charge Rails, 25 Motor Boat Parts, 36 Motor Launch Thwarts & Fittings, Signal Lamps, Single 20mm Oerlikon Mounts, 36 Motor Launch Cradles, 36 Motor Boat Cradles, 25 Motor Boat Cradles, 16 Motor Boat Cradle Frame, Blakes Stoppers, 16 Dinghy Cradles, 32 Cutter Cradles, Hawsepipe Gratings, Small Access Hatches, Large Deck Hatches Type 1, 35 Motor Boat Raised Cradles, Aft HACs Director Tower Braces, Forward HACs Director Tower Braces, Large Deck Hatches Type 2, Anchor Chain, Vertical Ladder Stock, Watertight Doors.

Yep, all that photo-etch goodness on the two large PE frets included in the sturdy envelope and cardboard stiffeners. Mine arrived from the UK after its treacherous trip from the UK without any damage at all. If it can survive Australia Post's tender mercies I think it would survive any journey.

I will not go into detail here as I will be commencing a build review of the Trumpeter kit using this PE set in the next few days and I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the build.
Highs: High quality relief etching in gleaming brass. Excellent instructions.
Lows: None noted so far.
Verdict: Just a look at this set leaves you with the impression that it is going to be excellent to use.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: PE 35172
  Suggested Retail: 64.13 exc VAT
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 19, 2013

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Is WEM still not etching the parts numbers on the frets? I find it mildly annoying having to refer from the instructions to the printed fret illustration and then to the PE fret itself to find the needed part.
DEC 19, 2013 - 04:40 AM
That is correct. No numbers are etched on the frets.
DEC 19, 2013 - 09:29 AM
Wow! 65? Really? wow! I really like WEM product but this is pretty pricey! Add in the cost of the kit & the aftermarket resin corrective parts & it's a fair chunk of the folding stuff... Be interesting to see the review to see what your money buys you.
DEC 20, 2013 - 09:47 PM

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