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In-Box Review
Crane barges
LionRoar WW II Crane barges I YD 72 plus IV YD 126
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by: Chris Hewitt [ CHEWITT ]

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Model Shipwrights


There is very little history on each barge,could only find one photo on each crane,but there were plenty different types built,before the war ,after the war and right up today.I live near were they are building a the new Forth road bridge in Scotland and they are plenty of barges cranes about,just no history.


YD 72
Built by Dravo Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA.in 1939-40 for Mare Island Navy Yard
Length 100 ft.;
Breadth 45 ft.;
Lifting Capacity 25 tons
Delivered, 1 June 1940
Struck from the Naval Resister, 15 October 1974
Sold for scrapping, 1 May 1975 by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS)
YD-72 was the first all welded steel crane in US Navy service

YD 126
Built by Dravo Corp., Pittsburgh, PA., date unknown, delivered 1 January 1942, struck, 4 June 1995
Displacement 1420 t.(lt),
1520 t. (fl),
Length 140 ft.,
Breadth 70 ft.
Disposed of, sold by Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) for reuse/conversion, 6 September 1996

The Kits

Both Crane barges kits comes in the standard small blue box from LionRoar.On the front is a picture of the model been supply,before painting.Inside everything is well packed against damage
The are 2 packs in the box,one with resin parts and the other the P.E.,the instructions are wrapped round the


The resin is crisp and clean,they are waterline hulls,only two parts the hull and the crane hut.On YD126 there is a block of resin below the hut,that can be easily cut off.

The P.E.comes on one sheet for both kits and is protected by plastic clear cover on both sides,warning this is sticky,so be careful when removing.
The parts are on the small side,but are not a problem to work with.There is good detail on the panels for crane hut and the rig is smart for both cranes,it also includes the pulleys for both rigs.On YD126 the etch panels for the hut,has its number on the panels.Thats detail at its best
YD 72 the P.E.is steel,which is stronger,but goes through the blades more.
YD 126 the P.E.is brass,which is easier to work,but brass is being a softer metal,some care has to be taken,when cutting and bending, not so forgiving as steel,usual only get one bend,any more bending and it can break,I prefer brass to steel,use less blades,but that's a personnel thing.


The instructions are printed on a one sheet of paper, with plans on both sides.They are drawings and are clear and easy to follow.
On looking at the YD72 the crane hut with the rig,it looks back to front,but it is the correct way round,the only "photo",confirms it.
Highs: Both cranes are superb kits, for any level and will be a good starter for a modeler, who would like to have a go at a resin kit with P.E. and won,t damage the bank too much,if it goes wrong. Brilliant kit, will go great with any ship,getting repair or res
Lows: Prices that's the only low, for YD72 are good,around 6 were YD126 is 20 in price,so shop about(Check the photos both about the same size).Look up YD33 its a monster and its around the same price as YD126.
Verdict: Wonderful kits from LionRoar,Something that can be made in an afternoon,a break from the bigger projects and add an interesting model to that diorama.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: LionRoar R7009 R7092
  Suggested Retail: 10 UP TO 20
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 17, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

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