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In-Box Review
Detail Set for Tamiya LRGD RT
Resicast - Detail set for Tamiya LRGD Radio vehicle - Early Type Stowage
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

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The LRDG has long been a popular subject for modellers. Surprisingly the only available plastic kit in 1/35 scale is the very old Tamiya 35092 kit. Considering the age of the kit needless to say a bit more detail is required to bring it up to today’s standard. A PE set by Eduard has long been available and some new bulk stowage recently got released by Black Dog, but none of these really provided the overall answer to correct the kit.

Resicast have just recently released a comprehensive set to bring the venerable old vehicle bang up to date. This is the first of several update set for the vehicle and provides the most comprehensive upgrade ever marketed. This set 35.2344 provides all the fixes necessary to produce an early variant of the 30cwt Chevrolet truck, a vehicle that is as much attached to the exploits of the LRDG as is their daring and skill.

The Set

The set comes packed in the standard Resicast format, strong cardboard box, items in individual zip bags and every thing packed nice and tight to avoid any damage in transit.

The box art includes 5 pictures of the built but unpainted kit, the product and manufacturer's detail. In total 11 bags of resin parts, one resin bulk stowage item and a small fret of PE. A 12 page set of instructions for the conversion comes with the kit and these are of the B & W picture/part type and should allow of an accurate build of the kit.

The kit targets the weak and missing areas of the old Tamiya vehicle. Starting with the cab area it provides a replacement front bumper and front hooks, dashboard, pedals and gear/break levers, a nice set of decent sand mats, (most welcome), replacement fuel cans for the running board, replacement battery, sun compass, replacement SMLE and fixation brackets , (the rifles have a very appropriate breech protection canvas over them), and replacement covered window screens, canvas doors and wing nuts.

Moving on to the truck bed Resicast have provided a complete replacement side panel for the RHS of the truck bed with the correct radio box and stowage panels. This has long been a neglected area, and it is great to see this fix available to all. Add to that a nice No 11 wireless set, a Philips wireless and a fold down table along with a new stowed set of antenna poles and you should be well on the way to a very accurate vehicle. The No 11 set and Philipps wireless are very nicely done.

LRDG trucks were loaded full with kit and equipment and again this is an area that often got neglected by modellers. The rear load comes in 4 parts, the main load (E11) consisting of ammunition boxes, rum cases, biscuit tins, 4 gal flimsies, tents and tarps. This load has a small insert point for the Lewis Gun stand. The Rear Support load (E12) consists of a couple of large crates and attached boxes. It is in effect a 90% wall that lifts the main load to the correct height. The Front Load (E13) consists of 4 x 4 Gal flimsies and two boxes, and the Side Load (E14) had cable drums, signals satchel and various stores. As well as the bulk load various packs, tins, bundles, water bottles and helmets, flimsy boxes open and closed are provided to hang form the sides and store on top. All of these items will ensure that you have a well stocked vehicle suitable for the early style LEDG Chevy.

You get 5 replacement wheels, to solve the problem with the old Tamiya ones splitting. The detail on these is excellent and the 5th wheel has a stowage space within the bulk load.

On the weapons side my kit contained two nice Lewis Guns and magazines, with support stands and a fine set of tools, (spade, pick, axe etc). 3 x SMLE with breech covers are also in the set.

The set also contains a set of replacement Brass sand channels for the side of the truck and a set of PE chains of two sizes.

As this is an add on set then a little drilling will be necessary but this conversion should be well within the range of most modellers. You’ll need a sharp modelling knife and a decent razor saw and remember to take normal precautions when working with resin.


The detail of the parts is excellent. You really have to see Resicast parts for yourself to appreciate the quality and detail, simply beautiful.

This is a set that will add detail and quality to the old Tamiya kit and give you a very good representation of the early style of LRDG 30cwt Chevy. It addresses many of the issues with the kit, providing both replacement and new parts as required.

This set is the first of several for the vehicle, the next being for a later war vehicle (different stowage and armament) and also I believe one is in development stages for the Breda gun truck.

The raise load will help keep the weight of the load down and there are sufficient individual items to allow you to finish the kit in a personal style.

I think this is an excellent addition to the Resicast range and should be a welcome one for modellers interested in this vehicle. Resicast have supported this issue with a fine range of LRDG figures and individual accessory items for the early war period in the desert, so whether you build individual vehicles or dioramas things just got a whole lot better.

Now if Tamiya would make the LRDG Chevy a permanent fixture instead of periodic Limited Availability releases things would be even better.
Highs: Excellent quality and detail
Lows: None
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.2344
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2012
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Resicast!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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