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In-Box Review
Israeli GPS Battle Management
IDF AFV GPS Device for Battle Management System
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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When it comes to the Israeli Defence Force they are very protective of their military devices and exact purpose and that is just the case with one of the latest releases from Legend Productions. Legend Productions has released a set covering the IDF AFV GPS Device for Battle Management System which I cannot find anything concrete about. Its name indicates that it is a system to allow and enable a number of armoured units to work as a single unit with a mission goal. I suppose it could also be used to enable the tracking of all allied military units in real time and so allowing them to work together to achieve the objective.

Its purpose is not really important to me as I am only interested in how it looks and where it is located. An internet search for the device only brought up articles about the Legend Productions release, so I widened my search to images of current IDF armoured vehicles, in particular the Merkava III tank, this provided some grainy images of what I believe to be the device in situ on the tanks. Due to the difficulty I encountered with information and images covering this device I can only say that the images show a similar looking device.

In this set from Legend Productions you get four of the devices and eight legs to support them. Images due to their size and clarity indicate to me that this device could be attached to the turret as well as the rear basket as indicated by Legend Productions, but again there is a lot of best guess here by me on this product.

Using the product is simplicity itself only requiring simple cuts be made to free the resin parts from their pour plugs. This involves three connectors on the base of the device and the need to then sand smooth. The legs technically has two connection points that are on the bottom of the legs and so again easy to deal with. There is a nipple on the top of each support and so drilling a shallow receiver on the base of the actual device will provide a positive connection. Also supplied is a length of wire inside a plastic sleeve to create the connection between the device and the radio antenna.


I lack specific evidence of this products accuracy, but I also have not found anyone knocking its accuracy either. So I am inclined to believe that Legend Productions has done its homework where this release is concerned. The moulding quality is of the usual very high standard and no obvious issues to contend with. I also like how easy this item will be to clean-up. If I am correct in what I am led to believe there are enough here to equip four vehicles as there is only one mounted.
Highs: The high quality of the mouldings and ease of clean up after removal from the pour plugs.
Lows: None at this time due to the lack of visual and written reference.
Verdict: High quality resin product that will add an unusual aspect to your IDF Model.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1349
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2017

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