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MISSION: Then and Now            


  MISSION:Then and Now
  SCALE:1:200 To 1:6
  START DATE:November 1st, 2013
  ENDS:April 30th, 2014
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Then and Now Award
This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale "Then and Now" Campaign

Operational Overview
Powered flight is 110 years old this year and has undergone an incredible transformation in that time. From light piston engine biplanes to huge jet engine lifting bodies flight has evolved as it has changed our lives. This campaign is set up to illustrate some of those changes by challenging the modeler to show us that evolution. Do a little studying, some building, and show us how aircraft looked then, and now!

The Rules and Regs
1) Entry must be based on the idea of two related aircraft, at least 20 years apart as modelled.

2) Any scale, any air force(s)/airline(s), civil or military.

3) Each entry must have at least two models (stand-alone or in a diorama OK).

4) Models can be of two or more aircraft from the same unit at least 20 years apart as modelled. The same unit means a squadron, group (or equivalent unit), or airline that share a common heritage, for instance each have the same number designation (e.g. RFC 56 Sqn. in WWI and RAF 56 Sqn. WWII or later) or same badge/name (e.g. U.S.N. squadrons VF-17 in WWII and VFA-103 today, both the Jolly Rogers with the skull and crossbones unit marking).

5) Alternatively models can be two or more of the same or similar type of aircraft from the same or successor manufacturer at least 20 years apart. Examples include Sopwith Camel, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Harrier; or MiG-3 and MiG-21 or Mig 29; or Douglas SBD Dauntless and McDonnell-Douglas A-4; or Boeing 247 and 747.

6) Alternatively models can be two or more aircraft with the same name at least 20 years apart. Examples such as P-38 Lightning and Israeli F-16C Barak (Lightning in Hebrew); Hawker Typhoon and Eurofighter Typhoon.

7) Another possibility would be two aircraft at least 20 years apart with the same pilot. Examples would be Keith Park’s Bristol Fighter in WWI and one of his Hurricanes from WWII or Robin Olds’ WWII P-51 and his Vietnam War F-4.

8) Two modellers can team up to build one entry, in which case both models should be new builds. In this case, modellers are encouraged to use the campaign thread to find a partner but it’s up to the modeller to do so (the campaign leader isn’t going to team people up). If you’re doing it this way, be sure to indicate who you’re teaming with each time you post a picture (so I don’t get too confused!)

9) Alternatively, one modeller can do both models in an entry. To make this campaign fun and doable for those interested, it’s OK if one of the models is already completed and the modeller just makes the companion model to go with it. If one person does both models, they should be the same scale so they can be shown together.

10) Either method used in rules 7 or 8 will count as one entry and each modeller involved will get a ribbon (yes, you’ll get a ribbon if you finish even if your “buddy” doesn’t).

11) Enter as many as you like and you can use different entry methods but each modeller will only get one ribbon and each model can only be part of one entry.

12) no starting before the campaign and the model should be done at the end of the campaign.

13) Build logs and lots of posting are encouraged.

14) Stand alone or Dio's allowed.

15) Entries cannot be used for more than 1 campaign.

16) Work in Progress Pics must be posted in the Official Campaign thread...

17) At least 2 Clear Pictures of the finished model on a plain background must be posted in the Official Campaign Gallery to be awarded the Campaign Ribbon (if you’re teaming up, be sure to indicate in the campaign gallery which models go together.)

18) The idea here is to show off how aviation has changed over the years and have fun!

Contest Element
Only one award to be awarded per entrant. Each entrant may complete as many kits as they wish within the time-scale but only one ribbon will be awarded


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