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  New York, United States

Occupation: disabled/retired
Interests: History, especially WWII, HO Brass Steam Era, 1/48 Aircraft, Classic Cars, both scale and 1:1
Username: M4A1Sherman


About M4A1Sherman
I started building models in 1958- Scotch Tape didn't work. My next model was built with Polystyrene Cement, which was brand new, but half-dried in the tube- Don't forget, this was the "Pre-Historic"-era of modelling. We are spoiled rotten today, where the slightest imperfection causes a HUGE UPROAR... I'm a firm believer in " When Faced With Adversity, You ADAPT, OVERCOME & IMPROVISE"... Don't get me wrong- I LOVE all the PE and RESIN corrections, updates and detail enhancement that's out there today! :) I STILL use TESTORS MODEL MASTER II ENAMELS with my 3 single-action PAASCHE H-1s, 2 BADGER single-action 200s and Badger 200G (Gravity-Feed) airbrushes. I've used them for ages- cleaning thoroughly before color-changes is KEY. I like to use a variety of painting and weathering techniques; no two models that I complete are ever built in the same way. Makes things interesting... I like pin-washes, weathering powders, post-shading and subtle airbrush work in lieu of using heavy washes and a lot of filters- they're messy and time-consuming. And yes, I still use a little bit of dry-brushing to pop details, with very satisfactory results. DON'T get me going on OLIVE DRAB- it's the single most misunderstood color in modeling today. See Pete Harlem's EXCELLENT Chapter about Olive Drab in AMPERSAND's FIRST book on modelling the Sherman tank... Thanks for reading my profile... Happy Modelling!!!

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