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WNW 1/32 scale Sopwith Pup
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Posted: Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 08:04 PM GMT+7
I'm building this for the Scale Modelworld 2018 club theme, WW1 Rememberance.

I would imagine that all aircraft modellers know about Wingnut Wings WW1 aircraft kits? They are just stunning

I have 7 of them, plus an Encore S.E5a but I haven't started one yet. Not because I'm scared of the rigging, I'm not, I actually quite relish the thought of completing it and that satisfied feeling that you get when you complete a model

I did need a push though, to make the leap of faith to try and do these things justice. One ability that you require when building one of these is to be able to apply a convincing wood effect. Now I know how it's don, apply a coat of paint, the colour depending on what you want the final look to be, then add oil paint and brush that out to give the final effect, using a colour that gives you that wooden look Easy!

I bought several Tamiya colours and painted each of them on an old wing, in bands. I then applied different oil paints across them, so that I could choose what colours achieved what effect.For the internal wooden structure of the Pup, which the instructions told me was "Light Wood" and "Dark Wood", I chose Flat Flesh (light wood base) and Flat Earth (dark wood). Light Wood had Burnt Sienna applied on top and the Dark wood was achieved with Vandyke Brown. For some reason I didn't paint the cabane struts moulded attached to the internal wooden structure. I didn't know why I didn't but I have a feeling that I sort of knew that it would go well! The struts would be fully on show, the internal structure wouldn't. The day after painting I took stock. DOH! The dark wood was far too dark and the light wood looked more like that orange pine that you often see So I have started stripping the paint to tray again!

However, now I know what I don't want, it should be easier to get what I do want?