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Scale motorcycle modeling topics.
Hosted by Damian Rigby
Piaggio/Vespa Ape Racer
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Dunedin, New Zealand
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Posted: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 04:31 PM UTC
Small confession - I've never delved into this area of scale modelling, so it's education/upskilling time.

Was recently itemising my diecast collection and stopped at my 1/32nd scale Piaggio Ape and the little gears in my head started turning thinking this has modification potential . So after a quick hunt around on the interweb I'd sourced the likely alteration.
So my task now is to get from:

to something like:

Having a couple of odd scale bikes in the collection that can donate bit's (1/18th Solido's) I'm settling for a build in 18th (a new build scale for me).

Here's a couple of vid's so you can see how hilarious these things are when racing:


and this guy has some good vids on his Facebook page:

Right. Time to start surgery on the donor bikes and then some hack'n'slash for a chassis. Proper progress to follow.
Cheers for dropping by for a gander.
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Posted: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 - 08:44 PM UTC
Yes! Go for it