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Mosquitocon show
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Connecticut, United States
Member Since: October 29, 2002
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Posted: Sunday, April 03, 2016 - 07:47 PM UTC
Great show. Excellent turnout of modelers and kits in the competition/display area. Enticing vendor room. Only note of a less than adequate nature would be some of the vendors were packing up starting around 1PM.
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Massachusetts, United States
Member Since: April 07, 2008
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Posted: Monday, April 04, 2016 - 06:48 AM UTC
I was turned away from the model display area at right around that time, and not too politely either. I did see a couple of the vendors putting their vans in front and packing up. I wonder if there was something else afoot that would cause them to leave early, and to tell me the show was over at 1 PM when the flyer said it was open till 5.