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Eastern Europe Base
Eastern Europe Base
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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Black dog has created a name for themselves with figures, vehicle loads and display bases, one of the latest items out of the stable is a vignette set in Eastern Europe. The products from Black dog are all cast in resin and they usually restrict themselves to the main scales used by other manufacturers, this offering being 1/35th scale.


This offering from Black dog is a vignette base measuring 100mm x 70mm with the master being created by Martin Vicek. It is packed inside a card end opening box with the resin parts inside a Ziploc plastic bag and further protected by foam peanuts. This offering is made up with seven different castings that are all of a grey resin. A close examination of the castings reveals only one issue as far as I am concerned and that is a chip on the apex of the roof portion of the product, and due to the fact it is not in the bag I have to believe that it occurred in the factory. I was disappointed to find the rail for the top of the balustrades missing.

The base is a level casting which is thin on the front right hand corner due to the camber of the surface, as such the base part only requires a very light sanding to remove the lip around the edge of the part. The surface has a small amount of detritus that has built up against the wall and has tyre tracks further from the building. the corner portion of the building structure has a very tactile level of detail to it that I find visually appealing; the break on the roof is a shame, but I believe that Black dog can be relied upon to provide a replacement part if a repair is beyond your ability should your moulding suffer the same damage.

Included are two lengths of block wall; one is clearly seen as it runs in line with the front of the building segment at a visually pleasing angle to the front of the base part; a brick pillar butts onto the end of this and the smaller portion of wall then leads from that to the rear of the base. The block structures have a nice level of damage that adds interest to the look of them and when painted will likely draw the eye, I really like that Black dog has not overdone this aspect of the vignette base. across the top of the front wall portion are six ornate balustrades finished with a capstone that is missing in my example; as I said previously I am sure that Black dog will correct the issue should you suffer it but I cannot deny it was a disappointment.


I really like this release from Black dog as it is very visually appealing and drags the eyes around to take in the provided detail. The level of damage imparted to the moulded areas is not excessive, but enough to draw the eye to specific spots. The small damaged spot and missing cap stone is a shame, but I am sure I could get the parts replaced if needed; I intend to repair and replace purely because I think I will be easy and damage to resin often occurs regardless of the efforts taken by the manufacturer.
Darren Baker takes a look at a Blackdog Vignette release of a Eastern Europe setting in 1/35th scale.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: D35106
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 14, 2020

Our Thanks to Black Dog!
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