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Book Review
Soviet Cold War Fighters
Soviet Cold War Fighters
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

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  • Introduction
  • First Generation
  • Second Generation
  • Third Generation
  • Fourth Generation

In the book
Bound in an attractive red cover the Fonthill Media titled book Soviet Cold War Fighters is packed with facts and figures of the fighters of the Soviet Air Force and satellite states of the former Soviet Union.

The book comprises of 352 pages with 202 black-and-white and 51 colour photographs. The colour photos are found in the center of the book, with the black and white photos accompanying the text of the relevant aircraft.

The introduction is a nice abridged piece on the history of the start and the break up of the Cold War, and a short part of the major Soviet aircraft that flew at this time.

The book covers aircraft from four generations, starting with the first generation from 1945 to the mid 1950's, such as the MiG-9, YaK-15/17/23, MiG-15, MiG-17 and YaK-25 interceptors.
Second generation from the mid 50's to the second half of the 60's covers such iconic aircraft as the MiG-21, Su-9, Su-11,Su-15, Yk-28P and the massive Tu-128.
Generation three covers aircraft such as the swing wing MiG-23 and the purpose built high altitude and high speed MiG-25, built to counter the threat of the USAF's SR-71 Blackbird, that operated during the second half of the 60's until the mid 70's.
All three of the fourth generation fighters, the MiG-29, Su-27 and the MiG-31 took to the skies in the late seventies.

All the aircraft are described in detail with facts and figures, along with the various variants, including their weapons and information on any combat deployments.
Each chapter has a short historical piece on the development of that era, such as engines, radar's and weapons, which influenced the aircraft of that time.

The pictures, some of which haven't been published before, lend to the well written text and embellish each aircrafts history with various variants pictured. Some of the colour photos are absouloutly stunning.

The author
Alexander Mladenov is an aviation and defence author and journalist. His work has appeared in no fewer than twenty defence publications around the world, including AirForces Monthly, AIR International, Combat Aircraft and Defence Helicopter. He has also published four books on the subject of Soviet military aircraft.

His main research interests include post-Second World War military aviation developments, jet fighters, bombers and helicopters designed between the 1950s and 1990s in the Soviet Union as well as the war in Afghanistan.
Author info from Fonthill Media

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Highs: Great text and great photos to accompany the written word.
Lows: None that I noticed.
Verdict: This is a great historical piece of the aircraft of the Soviet Union and a pretty much a must have for any enthusiast on Soviet aircraft of the Cold War.
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  Mfg. ID: 978-1-78155-496-8
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  PUBLISHED: May 21, 2016

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About Andy Brazier (betheyn)

I started modelling in the 70's with my Dad building Airfix aircraft kits. The memory of my Dad and I building and painting a Avro Lancaster on the kitchen table will always be with me. I then found a friend who enjoyed building models, and between us I think we built the entire range of 1/72 Airfi...

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