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NEWS in to the MSW news desk, modeler/artist Pavel Vacata has announced the forming of his own new resin ship modeling production company, "Admiralty Model Works and Custom Casting".
Some useful newitems from MK35 Editions:

A set of building accessories ( Doors, Windows, Shutters and rails) for those interested in making their own buildings or even just to add to the rubble in dioramas, and a stone fountain which could look well in a diorama with some dusty troops gathered around it.
  • ram badger
Formations have just added this new conversion kit for the Ram Badger to their catalogue

Using Tamiya's M4 kit as a donor this set includes everything needed to build the Ram Badger Flame tank that was used by Canadian units in combat in NWE.
  • head
NEWS in from Eduard Model Accessories, a "boatload" of images of their latest aftermarket upgrades, "The USS Arizona", in 1/350 scale.

A new model release from Ukrainian firm A -Model - 1/72 scale Kawasaki Ki-32 .
Ahoy Mates!
Are you a forum rat? Got a natural knack for the gift of gab, information exchange, and all around chit-chat?

Then maybe YOU would like to be one of our forum hosts/moderators here at Model Shipwrights!

  • PRM
Panzer Resin Models have been around for a while so this isn’t a News to You story but it’s been a long time since we had any news of them here on Armorama, -2005 actually. This story will bring us up to date on their range and also covers some of the philosophy of why they do what they do.
  • 6309-e
At this year's Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan, DML have announced a New 1/35th scale figure set:

  • 6406-poster-l
Dragon Models have just announced four releases at the Annual Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan:
  • P1000671
Available from Fonderie Miniature, here is an unexpected guest for the year 2007: a Levasseur PL 101 in 1/48 scale. I think modellers who like weird and ugly planes will like this one!
As we announced earlier, the Italian figure manufacturer Pegaso Models didn't disappoint the historical figure fans.
Beside the announced items, also a resin 1/35 item has been introduced in their product range, for WW 2 modelling enthusiasts.
All are available at Pegaso Models official web site.

And here is the full news story with some detailed photos of these new releases.
  • Ed_Avia_B534_IV_Boxtop
Eduard have a number of exciting new releases for June.

The follow up to their superb Avia B.534 III série comes in the shape of the IV série with an enclosed cockpit.

Meanwhile, fans of classic jets have a Weekend Edition of the Mirage IIIC RF to look forward to and Eduard are bound to make a lot of friends with the release of a new set of 1/48 scale figures - WW2 RAF Pilots (judging from the box-art, we may be able to look forward to some ground-crew too...).
NEWS in from Tamiya Models of an interesting new summer release, in 1/350 scale plastic, Japanese Navy Submarine I-400.
Historicus Forma member Maurice Corry (aka evofive) has kindly announced us about his new figure release available by Maurice Corry Miniatures.
  • ace
Ukrainian based Ace Models latest 1/72 scale release in plastic is this interesting model of the German Army Kfz 14.
Sure to be popular with Allied modellers is this new U.S.JERRYCAN SET

  • l_DRA6406
The Late Production Tiger from DML was for many people, difficult to get hold of. Now, the company have re-released it - along with some updates/improvements:
Mr. Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models has kindly announced us about their new items that will be available in this month.
It is with great pleasure to announce a new company to the modelling world, Kinetic Model kits.
A newly setup model kit manufacture from China. Their factory is located at Zuihan in China.
With several plastic injection kits already about to be released and a few more in the pipeline, the outlook for this new company is looking good.
News in from Dragon Models Limited, two early summer "Premium Edition" upgrade re-issues in 1/700 scale plastic. Announcing the "U.S.S. Monterey CG-61", slated for a June release, and the "U.S.S. Juneau CL-52", on tap for a July release.
Details below!
  • 1
The folks at IMSS have sent us details about their annual show for 2007.
Zsolt Uhrin from Heroic Miniatures has kindly announced us about their new 54 mm figure release.
  • 7314-1
Although the sheer volume of 1/35th scale releases from DML is impressive, equally impressive is the rate of releases in 1/72nd scale - here's an update as to what to expect in the next couple of months:
Anigrand Craftwork have released 3 new resin kits to excite the prototype and unusual aircraft modellers in our midst's.
Also listed are their next 3 kits scheduled for release anytime soon.
  • 6503-cover
The U.S. Intervention in Panama in 1989 is, unfortunately, not the most-covered of subjects. This is a pity as many of the vehicles and equipment are very attractive subjects for modelers. However, this new book from Concord Publications may awken some interest in the subject...
  • 26410722
The U.S. AM company, Formations Models haev just announced another four releases which, once again are 'Sherman-Centered', however, there are some surprising additions:
  • 6355-1
Although this has been listed in Cyber-Hobby's lists for a few months, now the first images have been released:
Viktor Antonov of ANT-Miniatures has kindly announced us about their new 54 mm miniatures.
For anyone who has any interest in World War 2 German armor, the guys at Panzerwrecks have just announced their 4th volume is now available for pre-order. The former three books are well known for their large clear photos of late war German combat vehicles, in a wrecked, abandoned, or KO'd state.
  • TWS00341
Tank Workshop has released 5 new kits today 5/4/07
Civilians and female soldiers have always been in short supply in 1/35 scale, now Kami de Koro Koro a Japanese company are producing a line called Troops and Peoples with some interesting civilian and female soldier sets in resin.
Fliegerhorst is a resin kit manufacturer from Germany mostly known for it's range of 1/48 scale Luft' 46 kits. They have updated their website and the most interesting news is that they are working on a 1/32 scale Dornier Alpha Jet kit.
Coming soon from Belgian company Resicast a Chrysler Multibank engine in resin for the Tasca Sherman Vc Firefly
  • 5368_1
Building the Italeri #5602 ELCO PT-Boat?

What a better way to make your model more appealing, as well as increasing the overall accuracy of the build, than by adding a photo-etch upgrade!

Take a look at Eduard Model Accessories new May addition, the "Elco PT 596" photo-etch upgrade set.
  • 242_M38_Jeep
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel are continuing with an extremely interesting release program which seems to get more innovative every month:
Military Miniatures Warehouse's new release will appear at the MFCA show in Valley Forge May 4th & 5th.
  • 7520-cover
Concord Publications have just announced a new book which will be very welcomed by Modern British armor modelers:
Hasegawa release another set of "Limited Edition" kits for June.
Several 1/72nd and 1/48th scale models. There is also a 1/32nd kit in the offering for this month.
  • 20074261705
In this MSW "Spotlight", we take a closer look inside the box at Trumpeter Models "USS NIMITZ CVN-68 2005", in 1/700 scale plastic!
News in from Cottage Industry Models Ltd., of a new and very interesting addition to their fine line of model kits and accessories. This time it's The Confederate Ironclad "C.S.S. Albemarle", in 1/96 scale resin!
Details below~
News in from Steve Wiper of Classic Warships Publishing, of a new addition to their line of warship pictorial reference books, Warship Pictorial #29, "North Carolina Class Battleships".
Last year, the Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour began producing a series of aviation-related items in 1/48th scale. The next few months will see an expansion of this range:
  • 120
We've just been sent some very special images by the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox
The Scottish armour manufacturer, Accurate Armour have just sent us details and images of their latest releases:
Seil Models have just announced their April 2007 releases. In addition to a new 90mm figure, there are 3 new 54mm figures!
  • 144217
News in from Zenith Press, of an interesting looking point of reference book for the Iowa Class fans, "USS Iowa at War", by Kit & Carolyn Bonner.
  • Dragon_Huey_Boxtop
Dragon has announced a new 1/35 UH-1D kit with PE and a crew. Hopefully it is more than just the Panda kit with some updates, but that would be welcome as well.
  • BB59-1991 #2
Ahoy maties!
This is something new here at MSW, introducing our first in a series of detailed walk-arounds, in an ongoing effort to expand our NEWS section, and bring you valuable modeling help and reference.

Site member and Naval Historian Pieter Bakels, (PBBAKs), will be providing us with detailed photo-walkarounds for modeling reference.

"#1 in this series, we will begin with a selection of High Resolution images from BB55,59, & 60, with more to follow!"

Its not often you see Strategic transport / long-range air-lifter aircraft on Aeroscale.
Anigrand Craftsworks just released BIG C-17 GlobeMaster III is definitely worth seeing.
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