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Cobra Company is one of those true 'specialist' manufacturers. As the name suggests, they produce (mainly) aftermarket sets for helicopters in a variety of scales.
A few months ago, the future release list from Trumpeter was published here and there is little doubt that there were some real surprises. Now (once again) Thanks to Terry Ashley and his excellent P.M.M.S. Website , comes news of some very interesting new releases...
Once again some new releases from Andrea, not perhaps as many as previous months, but interesting nevertheless...
ACE company just begun production of a BMD-1 Airborne Combat Vehicle (#72114).

Tristar Models, when it announces a new release, certainly creates a great deal of expectation in the modelling community. With this forthcoming release, there is little doubt that a considerable amount of interest will also be generated....
A few weeks ago, Tamiya announced what was, for them, a radical departure, with the release of a new range of 1/48th scale armor kits. The first signs of this new direction came in the form of a Kettenkrad in 1/48th, the Tokyo Hobby Show, served as a shop window for their future intentions....
Quartermaster's Depot is proud to announce...

The Serious Modeller's Guide to Canadian M109 Series S.P.G.s
Canadian Armour Series - Volume 2
By Barry Beldam.
In a recent edition of the British magazine Military Modelling I saw an advert for this Japanese figure manufacturer. As the range of Miniature Park is so extensive, In this story I will concentrate solely on their 1/35th scale range...
When Dragon Models Ltd. unveiled their new releases at the Tokyo Hobby Show a week or two ago, there were only a few images and even less detail available. Now we are able to bring you some details of two of the new releases....
Master Box Ltd. is a new manufacturer in 1/35th scale. Based in the Ukraine, the company has a small but (very interesting) range of vehicle kits in 1/35th scale...
Three new releases announced from the VLS subsidiary, WARRIORS This time two of the sets come with a rather useful feature....
Once again, Eduard brings a large selection of aftermarket sets in 1/35th scale.
It seems that nowadays, one cannot browse the catalogues of the major after-market manufacturers without finding yet more AM sets for Revell's superb 1/72nd Scale U-Boat. The latest to join this list, is EDUARD....
We have in stock two new Resin Zimmerit Sets from ATAK.
Normally, the job of posting news is an interesting and pleasant task. Unfortunately, the negative side of our hobby occasionally comes to the forefront. No more so than the Customer Alert from Alpine Miniatures ...
Alpha Miniatures are a New Zealand based business manufacturing 54mm Pewter figurines.
Plastic injection kits of WW1 naval subjects, are unfortunately about as rare as teeth on hens...With one of their new releases, ICM are going a long way in helping to rectify the situation....
Icm lists a new set of seven german flight and ground crew as one of the new releses for 2004.
A long missed war looks like it's finally getting a little bit of it's due in 1/35th STYRENE with the upcoming release of a set of four German Assault troopers from ICM.
Three new WWII figures from Mirage Hobby arrived at Squadron on Wednesday, and at least one of them offers up a brand new selection I have never seen in any other scale -- USN at Normandy.
ACE company just begun production of a kit #72113 2S9 Mortar/Howitzer Nona.

Tracks are photo-etched (along with some kit parts).

Decals for 5 versions:


1x Guard unit

1x Airborne u8nit

1x Russian Naval Infantry

More details and photos of prototype can be found :

Once again, a huge batch of new releases from EDUARD this time in the field of Aviation. Decals, photo-etch and even complete kits!
Academy has finally given us some details of their future releases. Three armor/vehicle kits and two aircraft...
Dragon is releasing a few more figure sets. At the recent Hobby show in Japan
they also announced the Tiger will be the (first production) type - used at Leningrad.

A 1/48 scale Douglas Skyknight has long been high on modellers' wish lists and the wait is almost over.
When I got our latest review samples from VLS I was immediately struck by the new packaging VLS is using for Warriors' figure sets. Instead of the black box, the figures now come in a clear plastic material much like an "action figure" at ToysRUs. This is a nice change in my opinion as now people can easily see the contents without feeling guilty about opening the box. And hobby stores will likely welcome this change as well because of security and the ease in which the packs can now be hung on a rod.
Tasca/Bego are principally known for their small (but superb) range of 1/35th Scale Armor kits. These two new releases are a completely new direction for them, and if the photos are anything to go by....
Continuing with a policy that was established recently, all the new Osprey Publishing releases will be posted according to their 'type'.
This news story covers the October releases in books related to figure modellers, although there will inevitabley be some 'cross-pollination' with other genres....
Shortly, TRAKZ Who are the armor 'sub-division' of The VLs Corporation, will be releasing one of their first complete kits....
Verlinden Has just announced its usual mixture of releases in a variety of scales, themes and categories....
Osprey Publishing has, in addition to their well-known books on uniforms, AFVs, Fortifications and Military history, also have a range of extremely useful books dealing with the modelling of particular vehicles or aircraft. The coming months will see the publication of some new and interesting titles in this series...
Once again Osprey has a number of new releases for Aviation Modellers....
Formations Models have just announced their latest releases. Two conversion enhancement sets for the M4 Sherman and one for the M3a1 Stuart.....
I has been a month or two since Alpha Image Workshop announced any new releases. In october, they are releasing a new vignette which will follow on a range started a while ago....
Art I.G. is a Latvian producer of collectable toy soldiers and historical miniatures in 1:32 (54mm) scale. Each figure is handmade and hand painted. The design team work closely with several museums around Europe, an association which no doubt pays dividends....
Military Miniatures Warehouse is perhaps better-known as a retailer of many of the well-known brands of military figures. However, the company also does a range of its own figures.
Two ranges are currently available: The former Cromwell A.C.W. range and a recent development, The Antietam Optimum Series... The latter is the subject of this news story...
Pegaso Models are an Italian figure manufacturer who produce figures in a variety of scales. The company is noted for its high-quality castings and these new releases are no exception...
CMK - Czech Master's Kits have yet another new release on the horizon..... These advance pictures of their new Sherman Interior, will no doubt whet the appetite of many....
The first of Dragon's new releases for the Tokyo Hobby Show has been announced...
It's always a pleasure finding a new manufacturer, doubly so when their products are so different from the vast majority of producers on the market.. No more so than Lift Here a Serbian Decal producer whose subjects are totally original...
Bison Decals have just announced a series of new releases in 1/35th Scale...
Flitzer (Peter Allen) has provided details of the latest and future releases from Unicraft Models.
Model Point has just announced a series of new releases in 1/35th scale from the Russian company 'TANK'. Principally Russian subjects although there is one German...
Blast Models released a small resin set for US Marines M1A1 Abrams tank models in 1/'35 scale.
Mid-october will see the release of a new 120mm figure from Michael Roberts Ltd.
Romeo Models is an Italian producer retailer, who have a number of extremely interesting figures in a variety of scales....
The Duckling was an (ill-fated) attempt to provide a trailer for the Amphibious D.U.K.W. for the first time, one is going to be produced in 1/35th scale.....
Imperial Gallery apparently has a new release of a modern British soldier in desert kit carrying an SA-80 and full bergen.
Two new publications from Concord this month, one in the JOURNAL OF ARMORED & HELIBORNE Series and another in the SPECIAL OPS series...
Voyager Etch Sets for Tamiya Japanese DF LAV, Panzer I Ausf B DML, Challenger 2 TRU now available at Puma Models
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