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  • Charleston_2
Please join me in welcoming Ships & Co. to the Model Shipwrights family. This Italian based company produces 1/700 waterline resin ship kits. These very interesting modern era vessels are not you mainstream naval vessels. Two of these fine kits are modern fleet replenishment ships, the USS Charleston and the USS Kilauea. Both of these kits compliment the host of modern combatants available in 1/700 scale. Speaking of modern combatants, Ships & Co. also offer the missile cruiser USS Providence. This World War II light cruiser was reborn in the cold war era with the ability to strike with guns and missiles.
  • Formations
Rob Ervin of Formations has made some major changes to both Formations' on-line store and website making them much easier to use.
  • S4-15-01
Andrea Miniatures have updated their catalouge with three new products. Almost every month we get used to see a new item from the Pin Up series and beside this an interesting vignette kit and a fantasy figure are awaiting for modelers.
Still Motions Photographics is pleased to announce the latest release in their warship reference cds, the Charles F. Adams Class USN DDGs. This photo reference cdis packed with over 225 images of the Adams class destroyers. As a special bonus, you also get reference photos of the Coontz class DLG/DDG. As of now, the retail price is unknown. Expect it to be in the $20 range, though.
  • hosho1924
Fujimi Models announce the latest release in their upgraded 1/700 ship kits. The IJN Hosho, a waterline model, includes an optional photo-etched metal flight deck for improved detail and realism (a plastic deck is also included) and an air wing of six Navy Type 10 Carrier Fighters. Fujimi’s retail price for this kit will be $24.40
Fujimi Models announce the latest release in their upgraded 1/700 ship kits. The IJN Hosho, a waterline model, includes an optional photo-etched metal flight deck for improved detail and realism (a plastic deck is also included) and an air wing of six Navy Type 10 Carrier Fighters. Fujimi’s retail price for this kit will be $24.40
  • 013018
Niko Model has announced that they will be releasing the USS Florida BB-30 in the form of her 1920’s refit. This resin waterline kit features photo-etched details that include the caged mast, railing and other details. Along with the five main batteries, this model captures the unique lines of the torpedo blisters that were added in 1925.
  • rusagorro1
New products of Fontegris Miniatures for November.
From now, until the end of November, the on-line retailer, Lucky Model are having a big sale on many items - plus additional discounts..
  • Polish Destroyer PIORUN, Port Bow
Poland based resin ship kit manufacturer Niko Models have added two new highly interesting ship kits to their line of 1.700 scale resin offerings, details below, and first images too!
  • Special_Hobby_Anson
New releases recently announced under the MPM/Special Hobby banner include a rerelease of their Gloster Meteor and an upgrading of the Classic Airframes Avro Anson.
  • set_A
Modelers take note. We’ve asked for it and Dragon Models delivers. Coming soon, 1/700 USN Aircraft Sets. These new accessory kits will range from mid WWII to the Korean War for Dragon’s wide range of US Navy flattops. These kits include aircraft with both fixed and folded wings. Expected release date for these aircraft sets is December of 2007.
  • boxer_1
Hot off the press, Dragon Models announces their latest release, the LPH-4 USS Boxer. This detailed kit can be built full-hull or waterline hull. The flight deck elevator and deck-edge elevator can be displayed in any position. Also, Dragon includes 8 new UH-34J Sea Horse helicopters. As with Dragon’s other new maritime kits, photo-etched parts are included for items like antennas, safety nets and radar masts to ensure greater accuracy and scale authenticity. With it’s rich history, the USS Boxer is a very interesting and exciting new 1/700 ship kit.
  • U31, the first of class, began sea trials in April 2003
The U212 submarine is capable of long-distance submerged passage to the area of operation. The German Navy has ordered four of the submarines.

The Type 212 is being constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW) of Kiel and Thyssen Nordseewerke GmbH (TNSW) of Enden. HDW is responsible for the bow sections and TNSW for the stern section. HDW is assembling the first and third vessels, TNSW the second and fourth. U31, the first of class, was launched in March 2002 and commissioned in October 2005.

The second, U32, was launched in December 2003 and was also commissioned in October 2005. The third, U33, was launched in September 2004 and commissioned in June 2006. U34 was launched in July 2005 and commissioned in May 2007.

  • 6407-2
Dragon Models have just sent us images of their latest three releases.
  • lc-cs12-l
Life Color Acrylic Paint send us news of their latest paint set, Life Color Kriegsmarine Set 2. If you are not familiar with this brand of paint, Life Color is water soluble acrylic paint that can be brushed or airbrushed on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic. Originally marketed to the armor and figure modeler, Life Color has expanded their colors to include naval colors.
  • p53033_07b
Take a look at this new and exciting looking aftermarket upgrade from Eduard, in 1/72 scale, for Revells Schnellboot Flak 38mm!
  • YH1809-1
A bust and a Roman Imaginifer figure kits are available from Young Miniatures.
  • 54067-GR1
Aitna Model has announced new 54 mm figures. A Viking, a crusader and an Anglosaxon warrior. All for different interests.
  • zhom1A_WEB
Draconia Miniatures announced an interesting item again. This 54 mm piece will be available on the 2nd of November.
In this news update from Japan, Pit-Road Models brings us five new 1/700 injection molded plastic kits with a modern flair. Spanning the world, kit subjects include ships from the United States, Russia, and Japanese navies along with ship from the Japanese Coast Guard. Along with fine kits, Pit-Road also gives us a new Imperial Japanese Navy World War II ship in resin. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new from Japan.
Harry Abbott, owner/operator of USA based resin ship kit and accessory manufacturer Battlefleet Models send NEWS of some interesting accessories, and a special new "Pearl Harbor" ship group set!
We are re-opening the business on 11/1/2007. More new and exciting products coming in the winter of 2007-2008 including the most accurate Panther Stellung ever produced to date featuring a Panther D turret with complete interior, corrected back plate and corrected rear turret hatch.
  • Resicast
RESICAST are to release three new Allied resin items in 1/35 scale in November including a re tool of their early Sherman (M3 style) suspension.
  • Pearl_Harbor_Attack_Carrier_Escort_Set
In June, MSW brought you news of Tamiya’s collaboration with two other Shizuoka-based hobby companies, Aoshima and Hasegawa to release the ultimate Pearl Harbor Attackers set containing all six of the IJN carriers involved in the December 7 attack. Well, it is my pleasure to say that these companies have done it again. The new set contains all of the escort ships that sailed with the aircraft carriers. Included in this set is the battleships Hiei and Kirishima and all of the submarines complete with their midget subs. All together, this will make a very impressive display
  • Spartan01
Mr. Jung, the president of Seil Models has kindly announced us about their November releases. Beside a 54 mm kit which contains two mounted figures, they are releasing a 75 mm figure and a bust.
  • skp
Skp are to produce a limited number of 1:35 scale US helmets in brass.
  • 350_german_signal_flags
Hawk Graphics proudly announces the release of their new ship decal sets. Offering the modeler a wide variety of topics, these decal sets range from World War II signal flags to modern ship markings. Prices range from $7.00 to $22.00.
  • M4_Direct_Vision_Sherman_Hull
Rob Ervin of Formations has added three new items, one of which is a direct vision M4 hull, to his range.
  • ise_photo
Expanding on their growing full hull, limited edition series, Hasegawa Models proudly announces the release of their 1/700 Japanese Navy Aircraft Battleship "Ise" and 1/700 Japanese Navy Aircraft Battleship "Hyuga". These kits include a full hull, metal gun barrel parts and photo etch. Expected release date will be in March of 2008.
  • The two-island STOVL variant proposed by the Alliance industry team. The 70
The new UK CVF Royal Navy aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, are expected to enter service in 2014 and 2016.

  • 2007-10-25_192019
Trumpeter Models sends us an advance announcement of the next variant of the HMS Hood, 1931.
Poland based resin ship kit manufacturer Niko Models have added three new highly interesting ship kits to their line of 1.700 scale resin offerings, details below, and first images too!
  • Ultracast
Two new resin 1/35 Canadian/British tank crew figures from Ultracast to populate the recent Allied armor releases.

  • con_Uc3Fa9
I.D.F enthusiasts should be running round the room hugging themselves with glee at this new announcement from Legend Productions
  • LS350006  JMSDF DDG-173 KONGOU Super Detail Set
LionRoar Model Arts Co. sends us details AND images of their next aftermarket super detail set, this time, for PitRoad Models' JMSDF AEGIS DESTROYER "KONGOU".
YORKSHIRE-based Pen & Sword has bought Greenhill Books and Chatham Publishing in a deal that re-launches them as Frontline Books and Seaforth Press imprints.
  • typhoon_twinseater
Latest releases from Revell include two 1:72 versions of the Eurofighter Typhoon, while modellers of earlier jets will enjoy the 1:48 F-105G Thunderchief offering.
Here's an advance look at our new 1/72 Halifax Interior Detail PE Set (PE 7244):
  • 6524-cover
The Battle of Monte Cassino was one of the bloodiest 'set-pieces' during the Italian campaign and, arguably, due to faulty intelligence, one of the most pointless.
  • realisticdios2
Rusty White is proud to announce the latest release in Flagship Models “How To” line of cds, Making Realistic Ship Dioramas 2. Pre-ordering is available now for the on-line price of $11.00 with free CONUS shipping. Now once the CD is released, the retail price will be $12.95.
  • 35056a
Hello Gents
I'd like to announce Alpine's new figures for October 2007:
  • 54039a_web

Here's a new release that's a little different: "Iron Jawed Angels" Women's Suffrage Movement, Washington DC, August 1918.
  • IJN_I-20
This just in, Lindberg Models to release to new 1/72 IJN submarines. That’s right folks. Lindberg is set to release their 1/72 I-20 with HA-20 Type "A" Midget, kit #70817 and the I-53 with Kaiten suicide subs, kit #708187 sometime in 2008. Retail price for these kits will be $130.00.
  • RFA Mounts Bay was launched on 9 April 2004 from BAE Systems' Govan yard.
Four Bay Class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) ships, LSD(A), are scheduled to enter service with the UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary by the end of 2007. Two ships have been built by Swan Hunter (Tyneside) at the Wallsend shipyard and two by BAE Systems at the Govan shipyard.

  • 35056a
Alpine Miniatures has recently announced the release of 2 new 1/35 WW2 German officers.
  • Ed_Bf110C
Turning real-life chronology on its head, while some people are still waiting to see the Messerschmitt Bf 110E on the shelves in their local hobby shop, Eduard already have it's successor kit ready and waiting in the wings - the Bf 110C.

November looks set to be a busy month, with a new Dual Combo Airacobra on the way - plus an intriguing item # 7501 - Czech AF... no details of what that is yet.

On the etched front, there's a lot to look forward to. Trumpeter's neat little new MiG-3 is almost begging for an etched upgrade and Eduard have been quick off the mark to oblige. Meanwhile, there's a maintenance ladder for the Bf 110E, along with an etched detail set - and this for an already phenomenally detailed model!
  • viid_deck
This just in, submarine news from Georgia. Nautilus Models has announced the release of their 1/72 Type VIID Wood Deck for use with the Special Navy conversion set for Revell’s 1/72 Type VIIC kit. This aftermarket deck retails for $40.00.
  • D3815 - WWII Allied Infantry Weapons Set
It seems Dragon has quietly re released D3815 - WWII Allied Infantry Weapons Set as a limited edition.
  • HM35003
Helo Miniatures have just announced their FIRST WW2 figures in 1/35th scale.

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