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A new company for the News Section, Griffon Model, are a Chinese company who are producing an increasingly large range of 1/35th scale update sets. These are their latest products - all for the Stryker.
As the sounds of unbridled jollity (fuelled by generous quantities of Toner-flavored Egg-Nog) echo round the secretarial pool of Armorama Towers, the time has (perhaps) arrived for the News Section's Annual look-back at what was good, what was great and what was perhaps a good idea at the time, in 2007...
  • malaya_4
Tamiya Models follows up their Pearl Harbor box sets with the new Battle of Malaya Box Set. This set focuses on the infamous voyage of Force Z on December 8, 1941. Featuring Tamiya’s new HMS Repulse and HMAS Vampire, the kit contains everything to portray the fateful moment in which the Japanese Navy attacked Force Z in route to Singapore. The set will retail for $92.63 USD.
  • 10065198a3
Tamiya Models sends us news of their latest 1/700 offering, the HMAS Vampire. This brand new waterline kit represents the Vampire as she was when she sailed with Force Z on their infamous 1941 cruise. The kit features positional gun mounts and torpedo tubes along with a quality decal sheet. The Vampire will retail for $18.50
  • 256
Adalbertus of Poland not only act as agents for various other manufacturers, they also, as can be seen from the 120mm release, produce their own range.
  • 35036-1
Miniart Limited are about to release their latest Soviet AFV in 1/35th scale.
  • m_ZVE3613
Zvezda have two new, 1/35th scale figure sets which are scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2008.
  • realmodel_rma35174-what_s_new
RealModel have just sent us images of their latest printed sheets in 1/35th scale.
  • staghoundcover2
Service Publications are a Canadian publishing house who specialize exclusively on subjects with a Canadian military theme. Now the company has announced a New book which has been on their 'pending' list for some time.
  • 35121
Polish model company M-Model has recently announced the release of two new 1/35 scale WWI machine gun crew vignettes.
  • FT4760fae0eec87
Métal Modèles have recently announced the release of a new 54mm mounted Napoleonic era cavalry officer.
  • Compassion
Classicae Artworks is a new and innovative company within the world of hobbies and collectables. Classicae specialise in the historical, mythological and fantasy genres; creating figurines which they aspire bring to life in emotive and poignant vignettes, designed to tell powerful stories.

The company was the brain-child of Bill Love, who has spent a lifetime as an enthusiastic figurine modeller. He has also benefited from a successful management career within the heavy metal casting industry. Since his early retirement, he has fulfilled a life-long goal, by establishing Classicae to realise his vision and passion for miniatures.

Classicae Artworks was officially launched on Friday 14th of December 2007.
  • new-releases-december
Spanish manufacturer NIMIX have recently announced two very interesting new 54mm figures: pilots from the 15 Spanische Staffel.
  • 54070-G
Italian manufacturer Aitna Model have recently announced their latest releases which include not only an Italian "Palvesario", but also a new 54mm Ronin.
  • 35060prev00a
Rarely, has the decal manufacturer, Bison, offered such an ample list of new releases. South African, New Zealand and even Cuban vehicles figure amongst others in these new releases.
  • S90-17d01
Italian company Soldiers (Italy) has recently announced their latest three releases, covering periods from Imperial Rome to Imperial Brtiain.
  • cv1s
Loose Cannon Productions sends us news of a rather large number of new releases available online now. Offering everything from submarines to the old Langley CV-1, there is something here for everyone. Are you interested in the Battle of Midway? Loose Cannon now has resin replacement islands for all four Japanese carriers involved in the battle. They even have a couple of new auxiliaries, too. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.
  • pro_ani_35a09_01
Doug's Original are a company created by the well-known dioramist Douglas Lee. Here are the company's most recent releases.
  • atago_1
Pit-Road Models sends us a photo update of their new 1/700 JMSDF AEGIS Destroyer "ATAGO". In looking at the details of this model, it is hard to believe that it is in 1:700 scale. This model will retail for $25.93 and is scheduled to release this month.
  • 35044-1
Miniart are bringing out another Soviet figure set.
  • l_LNRL3501-2
I've been aware of these releases for a while now but since the company website wasn't very helpful in downloading the images, i've finally found another source for them... As they say though, better late than never and there are some items which were definitely worth the wait!
  • 6390-1
Announced back in september, we can now bring images of this long-awaited figure set from Dragon Models.
  • The six Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarines will replace the four R
Six Barracuda nuclear powered attack submarines are to be built for the French Navy.

The Barracuda class is being introduced to replace the existing force of the four SSN Rubis submarines which entered service from 1983 to 1988 and the two SSN Amethyst class submarines which entered service in 1992 and 1993.
  • cowboy
During the XIV. International Catania Show organized by C.S.M.S - Centro Sicilia Modelismo Storica ; visitors had the oppurtunity to see the figures of Romeo Models which will be released on the first months of 2008.
  • YKM3510X
Yankee Modelworks announces the upcoming release of three 1:350 resin cruisers. First up is the YKM35151 USS Miami CL-89 Light Cruiser 1944 outfit. This kit comes complete with photo etch details and white metal fittings and carries a MSRP of $285.00. Next up is the YKM35144 USS Baltimore CA-68 Heavy Cruiser 1944 outfit. This kit also comes with photo etch and white metal fittings. The Baltimore’s suggested retail price is $325.00. Last but certainly not least is the YKM35074 IJN Chikuma WWII Heavy Cruiser 1942 outfit. As with the Baltimore, she comes complete with photo etch and white metal fittings and a suggested retail price is $325.00. All of these fine kits feature hulls that are split at waterline, with NO casting plugs on the hulls.
  • viejos1
Isabel Fontegris kindly informed us about their new products for December.
  • 35288
For a while now, Mig Productions have been doing a series of highly-versatile civilian figures in 1/35th Scale. Here's their latest.
  • DODGEbanner
With the 're-invention' of 1/48th scale for Armor modelers, the new releases will undoubtedly benefit the Aviation modeler as more and more 'dual-purpose' subjects get covered. Here's another one, this time from Mig Productions.
  • 35205b
Mig Productions have just sent us details and images of their latest releases.
  • Nagato_11
The upgrades for Hasegawa’s IJN Nagato keep on coming. Fukuya Works announces their new turned brass 1/350 Nagato Class Main Gun Barrels and 1/350 Nagato Class 14cm and 12.7cm Gun Barrels. The main gun barrel set contains eight barrels and will retail for $38.79. The secondary armament set contains 18 14cm barrels and four 12.7cm barrels and retails for $55.41. Both sets are available now.
  • detail29
With the injection-moulded kit market now in the happy position of having two T17E1 Staghound Armored Cars on the market, the Polish Publisher RossaGraph have released a new book on the subject.
  • 75-042_1
Pegaso Models have announced their new items for December. This month they are presenting really amazing pieces and the new Pegaso catalogue updated with Massimo Pasquali's face painting article .
  • RM-54-077_1
Lorenzo Romeo, the owner of Romeo Models kindly informed us about December releases.
  • TBSerg-35-1
SKP Model of the Czech Republic are having a busy few weeks with a whole string of new releases. Here's their latest.
  • CVW-9
Starfighter Decals is proud to announce their latest carrier air wing decals sets, CVW-9 1968 USS Enterprise. The Enterprise was one of the mainstays of the US naval war in Vietnam and 1968 was the Big “E”s third combat cruise of the Vietnam War. These sets are available in 1:700 for $17.50 and 1:350 for $40.00. These sets are available now.
  • Vickers Light tank
Although these Vickers Light tanks by IMA are not new releases we haven’t covered them before on Armorama.
  • Nordic Edge
While I’m still pouring over volume one which was released last spring Canfora Design & Publishing are to release Nordic Edge Model Gallery vol. 2.

  • Image18
NEWS just in from Trumpeter Models, a few more details of the much awaited 1/700 USS San Francisco, and a new brass photo-etch set planned for an April '08 release.
  • Grenadier-promo2
I would like to inform you that we have just introduced new Grenadier Bust.
  • PE35200_01-what_s_New
Yet another considerable range of new updates from Voyager Model which, once again, cover a wide range of subjects.
  • us_cable_reels_350th
John Snyder at White Ensign Models stops by to show of the latest Peter Hall creations. Hot off the computer, WEM is taking orders for their new PE 35105, 1/350 USN Cable Reels and PE 785, 1/700 USN Cable Reels. The 1/350 cable reel set will retail for 3.62 Pounds ($7.40) and the 1/700 cable retail set will retail for 2.12 Pounds ($4.33).
  • 6469-2
Dragon Models are continuing to make the maximum use of the 38(t) chassis.
  • 0060
Tank Workshop has just announced another new release.
  • 86final-covers
Eagle Editions have published the complete story of the training and operations of the 86th FG, Third Air Force and later with the Twelfth Air Force. Written by Steve Luce, a son of one of the group’s pilots Lt. Warren Luce, the new book describes both the men as well as the machines they flew in a comprehensive, fully photographically documented format.
  • capstans
Harry Abbott from Battlefleet Models stops by to give us word of his latest addition to his resin accessory line. Harry has bundled up several of the various deck fittings in to one set, the BFM-7105 Assorted Winches, Windlass and Capstans. This set includes 12 types of winches & windlass, two of each kind and two types of capstans, four of each kind. This set retails for $5.00.
  • pr_12701_1
Academy has introduced a new boxing in their 1/35 UH-1C Huey Gunship family. The kit includes new decals that are both colorful and plenty.
  • 48056
Cobra Company brings us a new set to accurately portray a USCG HH-65 interior for the Trumpeter kit.
  • CMKSP8028_L
Modelimex have released pics of two new 1/48 scale resin kits of US WW2 airfield vehicles.
  • 6011X-1
DML have just sent us the posters for two releases in 1/35th scale.
  • Wee Friends
One of the most refreshing ventures this year was the start up of Jakrei Miniatures by Pete Morton. Pete has now sold on the complete range to Ian Hanratty of Friendship Models who will be distributing and selling them under the name Wee Friends.
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