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Have you ever been stuck looking for that extra something that will make your model really special, different, or just come to life. Check out these new items from Scale Equipment Ltd.
  • 54-10-2
Enigma Miniatures have announced their latest releases. Two items of 54 mm and four items of 30 mm, all interesting.
  • mg7030
Elite Miniatures have announced their latest figure release.

  • 897ad1f9714acaef2bba58d60241a20d67455
Need something different to mix things up on your bench?

This story is geared especially towards a side of modeling that doesn't get as much attention as it really should, and this company's products just might change your mind about paper card models!

JSC Models, Poland, is a company that specializes in the production of high quality paper card-stock models, in many scales, types, and variation of subject.

Looking to depict Kido Butai in it's early years? Aoshima Models announces the releases of their 1/700 Japanese Type 96 Carrier Aircraft kit.
  • 8203b
Despite a packed line-up of new kits, etched sets and painting masks, there'll really only be one story for many of us among Eduard's releases for September... the long-awaited 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110E.
News From Germany. H-P Models sends us news of their latest release, 1/700 Kriegsmarine Floating AA Batteries. These kits will be released starting at the end of August.
  • EC105-cover
Eagle Editions have an impressive line-up of new decal sheets with a brace of spectacular P-47s and P-51s.
  • 516831204_f2fea6eb1e
NEWS and sneek peek prototype images in from Taiwanese resin ship kit manufacturer Veteran Models!

The company's latest effort, "R.O.C. NAVY Keelung Class Destroyer" will be offered in 1/350 scale resin.
  • Kettenkrad
Could this be the start of something big? Dragon Have released the poster for their 1/6 scale Kettenkrad.
MSW Exclusive. Harry Abbott from Battlefleet Models sends us news of his latest release, 1/700 Capella Class AK Cargo Ship. Packed full of extras, this is another fine kit from Battlefleet Models.
Story Number: NNS070815-05
Release Date: 8/15/2007 8:52:00 AM

By Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jeff Hall, USNS Comfort Public Affairs

Aboard USNS Comfort (NNS) --
Personnel deployed with hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) hit the halfway mark of their four-month humanitarian deployment while setting up for medical operations in Ecuador Aug. 15.
NEWS and first images in from Shanghai, LionRoar Model Arts Co. has introduced a new line of ready made, pre-etched ship nameplates.
By Thomas Harding on HMS Daring

A warship that can defend the entire city of London from missile and aircraft attack successfully completed its first Royal Navy sea trial yesterday.
The £1 billion HMS Daring will become the most advanced warship in the world when it enters service with the Navy in 2009.
In today's news from Japan, Seals Model announces that they have retooled their 1/700 Icebreaker Shirase. Seals Model proudly offers models of ships that make up their maritime history, including those of Antarctic exploration. Also in their 1/700 plastic line up is the Antarctic ship Soya.
  • real model
Some new products from Real Model this month to keep fans of Modern Armor happy. The new products range from cheap paper accessories to very expensive full resin kits.
Mr. Jung of Seil Models has kindly send us the photos and information for the upcoming Seil items.
The figures are not painted yet but we can see the usual Seil quality from the photos.

  • 10060997a
NEWS in from Japanese Model Manufacturer, Foresight/SealsModels, of a very interesting new addition to their series of full resin Japanese Ocean Liner kits, this time, it's the "Japanese Liner Kurenai-Maru", in 1/700 scale.
  • skp
Skp have announced an engine set for their Humber Scout Car kit.
  • German HEER UH-1H SAR
DML is releasing another Huey in 1/35. This time it is a German HEER UH-1H SAR helo. DML has announced the future release of a German HEER UH-1H SAR helo with German Paratroopers included. It looks to be the same upgraded Panda kit with new PE and some other extras.
Duel is the name of a new series from the legendary military history house, Osprey Publishing. The new series retells the stories of the world’s greatest machines of war and the ace combatants who operated them. Notes Osprey editorial director, Anita Baker, “It is the history of warfare stripped down to the single key denominator of attacker versus defender. Duel will place you in the cockpit of a fighter plane during the Pacific War or behind the gun-sights of a Panzer amidst the ruins of Stalingrad.”
If you want to build the Mare Island Shipyard, Loose Cannon Models now has the Mare Island Mechanics Shop and the Naval Offices. Each kit is cast in clear plastic stock with nice surface detail.
The Mechanics Shop is located on the west side of Waterfront Ave. between A Street and 3rd Street on Mare Island.
  • saw_1
New from LionRoar Model Arts Co. a set of 3 Stainless Steel Modeling Saw Blades. Utilizing a standard utility knife with a 3/8" segmented blade, replace the knife blade with the saw blade for cutting plastic and resin parts.
Retail Price - $5.95
  • 6303-4
One of the predominant topics on the various Armor Modeling forums covers the complex issue of Zimmerit. Now, news comes of a new initiative from Dragion Models
  • HMAS Sydney, One year before she was sunk
The patron of a long-running effort to find the wreck of the Australian World War II warship HMAS Sydney, claims that the ship has been found, and needs to be verified as soon as possible.
  • Black Lion Decals
Black Lion Decals is a new company, based in the Netherlands, started by three Dutch Modelers: Michel Boer, Jan Giesbers and Antal Giesbers.
Their aim is to produce decals for those models that lack them.
They say their favourites are the rare, weird and exotic ones and no matter the subject, no matter the scale; if you want that unique one-off decal for your model only, then they’ll design and print it for you!
  • YM1807-3
Young Miniatures have announced their new bust release. The item will be available at 15th of August.

  • Book_Cover2
Sheperd Paine has recently announced a forthcoming new publication of his works.
NEWS in from our mate Harry Abbott, of Battlefleet Models, of a new update to his website, an "Accessory Page", with the first three listings in this report.
  • Duel series
Osprey Publishing announces a new series dedicated to evaluating opposing sides in the ultimate operational environment—close combat. Duel is the name of a new series from the legendary military history house, Osprey Publishing. The new series retells the stories of the world’s greatest machines of war and the ace combatants who operated them.
  • 6356-2
The Panzer 1 has long been a popular subject for modelers - particularly those who model early-war armor. Now, Dragon Models have brought out a new kit with interior detail...
News in from Pit-Road Models, of three new photo-etch upgrade sets, in a combined effort with Gold Medal Models, all in 1/700 scale.
  • 35053c
Alpine Miniatures has two new 1/35 scale figures coming out this month. They are both WWII US tankers in the ETO.
  • bf_painted-cockpit03b
Eduard have released the first pics of the painted test-shot cockpit and nose-guns for their eagerly awaited 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110E.
  • 10058045
Here's an update to our original announcement of Fujimi's new release, IJN Super-Dreadnought Battleship Yamato, Full Hull Model, in 1/700 scale plastic, newly released and available NOW!
Osprey Publishing announces a November release, USN Carriers vs IJN Carriers, The Pacific, 1942 Duel Series #6.

Author: Mark Stille
Illustrator: Ian Palmer, Howard Gerrard

US Price: $17.95
Regia Marina is proud to announce the new 1/350 Littorio Class Detail Upgrade. This resin and photoetch detail upgrade and superdetail set is for improving the Delphis Italian battleship Littorio/Vittorio Veneto 1:350 resin kit.
  • TSM00378_1
Very much in the area of Wermacht '46, the Chinese manufacturer, Trumpeter, have just sent us images of what will be a very impressive release for 'fall 2007...
For those of you who like to model the "not seen so much" aircraft, Kora models have released 3 new variants of existing kits in 1/72nd scale.
NEWS in from across the pond at Aoshima, of the next two interesting waterline IJN battleship releases, in 1/700 scale plastic. Each kit comes with a dedicated photo-etch upgrade fret.

New release Centauro Line - U. Puchala

There is nothing unusual about book signings in the 'mainstream' booktrade, but it is a little unusual when it happens within Military Book Publishing. It then becomes an event worth noting in one's diary.
  • 10058279
News and images in from Nichimo Models, of their next IJN carrier release in 1/500 scale plastic, the "Akagi ".
  • 10058278
Today's spotlight is on Nichimo Models new IJN carrier release, "Hiryu".
Let's take a little peek at what's in the box!

Look alive, mates!

On the heels of yesterday's announcement from Aoshima Models concerning the long anticipated "Heavy Cruiser `Takao` 1942 ", comes this mornings announcement of the release of two new Photo-Etch Upgrade sets, dedicated for this new kit.

Andrea Miniatures have announced their new releases available in August.

Ahoy mates! Every month, Pit-Road Models gives the modeler two nice computer wallpapers, one with a calendar and the other without.
Are modern warships your kits of choice? Voyager Models releases a 1/700 US Navy Modern AEGIS Radar Array for Arleigh Burke class destroyers. This set of external plate arrays retails for $12.00.

Aoshima's 1/350 scale IJN CA Takao just hit the market in Japan, and here's a peek at the first images!

  • Dartmoor military models
With the continuing flow of 1/48 scale armour on to the market here we take a look at a company who produce the figures to complement them.
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