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  • Royal_navy
Britannia rules the waves in Osprey Publishing’s December release. In The Royal Navy 1793–1815, you will learn about the combat mission, organization, command, control, communication and intelligence gathering of the strong arm of the British Empire. As part of the “Battle Orders” series, the retail cost will be $23.95.
  • 800px-FS_Foch_Dragon_Hammer_92
News from Germany. H-P Models is proud to announce their latest upcoming release, the French Navy aircraft carrier Foch. This 1/700 scale kit will represent the Foch in her 1981 configuration. Retail cost will be $245.00.
  • tachikaze1
Are you a fan of JMSDF ships? If you are, then Pit-Road Models has a deal for you. Pit-Road takes an innovative approach to ship modeling in offering three different upgrades of the 1/700 JMSDF DDG-168 Tachikaze. No matter your skill level or price range, Pit-Road has a version for you.
  • Normandy_Beltring_01
The German Military Book publisher, Tankograd, have just announced their September 2007 releases which include a couple of interesting 'departures'.
  • sim1
It's fair to say that the armor of the Israeli Defence Forces (I.D.F.) is becoming an increasingly popular subject for modelers. Now, (thanks to Chris Hughes), comes news of a new book and the beginnings of a new series which will push the interest level just a little higher.
  • La- 5FN
Russian manufacturer Zvezda has announced it will release a 1/48th La-5FN fighter.
  • i2007-09_05
The AM manufacturer, Eduard should require little in the way of introduction - once again, this month will see a considerable number of new releases with some good news for those building Strykers:
  • Copper and Kid
Pete Morton of Jakrei Miniatures has sent us photos of the box art for the latest additions to his range.
  • 6389-1
A few weeks ago, we ran the news of a new Afrika Korps figure set from DML in 1/35th scale. Now we can finish the story with some images of the set.
  • p53032_00b
Building Hasegawa's 1/350 scale Yukikaze? Well here's a new upgrade set from Eduard that will enhance both the accuracy and overall looks of your finished subject!
  • kriator_72
Spanish figure producer Draconia has a new fantasy figure.
  • hector_de_troya2-72
Ares Mythologic has announced a new 54 mm figure release.
  • 1033_full
Drabant Military Miniatures have announced two available items. Both of them are mounted.
  • 255
The Czech manufacturer, PlusModel have announced a small, but interesting series of new releases:
  • 54022a_web

We have just released a new 54mm scale resin kit of one of the hardiest Union regiments to see combat during the ACU.
  • Agosta1
This just in from L'Arsenal Models. Fresh from the molds is the new modern 1/400 Agosta diesel submarine. This attack sub equipped the French Navy during the 70's - 90's.
  • Z001-KOM2
News form Germany. BMK brings us news of two very nice turned brass aftermarket accessories for scale ship building. First up are two replacement mast for 1/700 Kombrig kits. The other release is a very nice set of 15” main gun barrels for WEM HMS Hood turrets.
  • PEA072_02
The Chinese AM (After-Market) manufacturer Voyager Model has just announced a series of new releases covering, as usual, a wide variety of subjects:
  • navy_racing
Story Number: NNS070829-09
Release Date: 8/29/2007 1:51:00 PM
By Jeffrey Nichols, Commander Navy Recruiting Command Public Affairs

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the Seabees, the No. 88 Navy Chevrolet will feature a special Navy Seabee’s paint scheme for the Sept. 1 race at California Speedway in Fontana, Calif.
Instead of the regular navy-colored paint scheme, the No. 88 will be tan with the Seabee’s 65th anniversary logo adorning the hood.
  • bluemoon1
These are the new Releases on September. In this month we are including new products line:
-Bookmarks and Cards
-a 2 dimensional figure kit in 54mm
  • neb_eng
Brand new release from GDC Dreams & TRIFON Miniatures:
The Neb:
Sci-Fi garage kit (limited edition) - Scale: 1/140 (20'')
  • Voltaire
Patrol the North Atlantic in search of the Kaiser’s Navy in these beautiful yet deadly French warships. Kombrig Models sends us new of two very interesting releases in their World War I era ship line, the 1/700 Danton class Voltaire and the six stack Armored Cruiser Jeanne d'Arc.
  • Lilla2
Paper, card stock models...interested?
I find this modeling media quite fascinating!

Here's a chance to maybe get into a very different side of ship modeling, with a free complete download, including all parts and diagrams, of the Lilla Veneda - a small coastal ferry from the Polish Baltic fleet in the 1960s!
  • C067a_1_1
The Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour, have just sent us images and details of their latest releases:
  • AF35130_M1130_STRYKER_CV_TACP
Back in July, we give the News of AFV Club's latest Stryker variant in 1/35th scale. Now, by way of an update, we present a series of images of the new kit:
  • NU_Set135
Greenhill Books in London and Casemate Publishing in the USA are jointly bringing these books back into print after some 14 years.
  • con_BJh5YA
The Korean manufacturer, Legend Productions have just announced several new releases in 1/35th scale AND have improved their website:
  • North_Carolina
Pit-Road Models sends us interesting news about their upcoming 1/700 releases. Launch a daring attack or patrol the South and Central Pacific with the USS Hornet CV-8, USS North Carolina (1944 fit) and the USS The Sullivans.
  • Rathbone
Hot on the heels of their previous four-stackers, Mirage Models announces the release of 6 new destroyer kits. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the White Ensign to the Rising Sun, these new kits offer something for everyone.
  • duel_in_the_mist
The magazine AFV Modeller should require little introduction. However, in a new initiative, the publishers have announced their first full book:
  • cheyenne_1
Bestsoldiers have announced a new 54 mm figure release from Soldati.
  • 12119
Advance News in from Trumpeter Models, of a new 1/700 scale, WWII Cruiser, New Orleans CA-32, 1942. Expect this release to be available around January 2008.
  • 75-041-Byzantine-BN
Mr. Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models has kindly announced us about their new releases. Three of them will be available and one of them will be previewed at Euromilitaire 2007.
  • 120-56-01
Viktor Antonov has kindly announced us about the new releases of Ant Miniatures.
  • mk35
Two new figures this month from Mk35 Editions, -one military and one civilian.
  • 10061191
Take a little closer look inside the box at Dragon Models Limited new "Premium Edition" kit, the HMS Illustrious.
  • Duel series
Osprey Publishing has announced a new series dedicated to evaluating opposing sides in the ultimate operational environment—close combat.
'Duel' is the name of a new series from the military history publishing house, Osprey Publishing. The new series retells the stories of the world’s greatest machines of war and the ace combatants who operated them.
  • De Havilland Sea Venom FAW-22
Hot on the heels of Classic Airframes latest 1/48th offerings of the Venom, Revell have just released a 1/32nd scale De Havilland Sea Venom FAW-22 for those of you who like to model a bit bigger.
  • ship0039
We were graciously provided with some photos from the IPMS organizers for ship entries for the 2007 Nationals in Anaheim.
  • T-87
The Russian figure/accesory manufacturer Tank recently showcased a number of new 1/35th scale figures, by way of a 'catch-up', here they are...
The publishing house, Panzer Tracts should require little introduction for those wishing to super-detail their armor kits. Now, the company have announced two new publications:
  • IT64572
Although their own website doesn't say a word about releases of the newest 1:35 scale models, Italeri's new 3 ton medium Opel truck with Coal Engine is released this month:
The German Publisher, Nuts and Bolts have announced their latest publication:
  • andrew
Andy Cairns of AC Models have announced their new bust release, an ANZAC infantryman at Gallipoli in 1915.
  • AKA
Gator’s Paint Masks works to stay up to date with providing paint masks for the latest kit releases. Gator has done it again, this time with the 1/700 AK-23/AKA-6 Alchiba MS 12 Mod Paint Masks.
  • 0046A1
Tank Workshop has been releasing a series of new 1/35th scale update sets:
  • USS-Grunion-216a
Wreckage of World War II Submarine Found Off Aleutian Islands

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The mangled remains of a vessel found in the Bering Sea are likely those of a World War II submarine that disappeared with a crew of 70 off the Aleutian Island of Kiska.

  • Emd06
Are you a fan of large scale World War I ships? Are you looking to give your kit’s deck the appearance of real wood? Then you will be interested in what Vector Cut has to offer.

  • IJN_decals
Are you wanting to build a particular Japanese navy ship but don’t have the markings for it? Pit-Road Models has released another “model project saver” in their 1/700 decal series, this time Japanese Navy Decal Set.
  • IJN_rangefinders
In to super-detailing World War II IJN ships? Looking to add range finders to your current builds? Hasegawa Models has just what you need. IJN Photo etch Rangefinders.
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