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  • S9-B26-01
Andrea Miniatures have updated their website with their new items. An admired bust is now available.
Historicus Forma has the great pleasure in announcing a new collaboration with the Italian giant of miniatures, Pegaso Model. This takes place in the form of a 3 month long miniature painting contest: “Pegaso Painting Competition 2008”.
  • Monroe Perdu
Monroe Perdu Designs have released a piano in 1/32-1/35 scale.
  • navywordoftheday

(Pronounced Re-crew-it)
  • 10069662
News and images in from Tamiya Models,, of some very interesting looking figures in 1/350 scale injection mold plastic, to further enhance and add realism to your builds!
  • p36027_00b
Eduard's release list for this monthh (certainly in AFVs) seems smaller than usual. However, what there is is certainly interesting.
  • 24416_1Full
With the release of AFV Club's M5a1 (Early) in 1/35th scale, there are several variants which can now be explored. Here are the latest M5a1 Update/Conversion sets from Tiger Model Designs.
  • The Skjold Class will be armed with the new NSM anti-ship missile when it e
The Skjold class of missile fast patrol boats is characterised by its speed, reduced signatures, small size with heavy weapon load and its littoral combat capability.

The Skjold ('Shield') has an air-cushioned catamaran hull (surface effect) which, with waterjet propulsion, provides high speed and manoeuvrability.

  • Deka_MiG29_1_48
Olimp Models have announced a new 2-sheet set of 1/48 scale MiG-29 Fulcrum decals as part of their Authenic Decals range.
  • Techmod_Do17_893-1
Adalbertus have announced the release of new decals for the Dornier 17Z in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
  • Techmod_Lozenge_890
Adalbertus, the distributors of Techmod decals, have announced the release of three new sheets of 1/32 German WW1 lozenge decals.
  • navywordoftheday
  • RDN-32614_L
Modelimex have released sprue shots of Roden's impressive new 1/32 scale Albatros D.I.
  • navywordoftheday
Learning the Ropes
  • MercCargoa_op_800x492
With 1/48th scale getting pretty well-served from the major manufacturers, it's time the News Section started paid more attention to the companies who are doing updates (and full kits) in this scale. Amongst them, is the U.S. company - Iron Division.
  • 6466
Two new releases from Dragon Models have been announced.
  • navywordoftheday

  • brach1
Brach Model are pretty well known for their armor ranges, however, their 1/35th scale figures are a new one to me...
  • Coverpngtext
Although never acheiving the popularity as a modeling subject of the M4, the M5 Light Tank has had an equally long and distinguished service. It has certainly been documented before but never as completely as the M4. Therefore any new book on the subject is to be welcomed with open arms...
  • 16_1_1
The latest release from Alexander Miniatures in 1/35th scale.
  • navywordoftheday
Butter Bar
  • 400-10
Gold Medal Models announce their upcoming 1/400 USS Ward/Four Piper Destroyer Photo Etch Set. These pre-sized and pre-shaped railings are designed for the Mirage 1/400 Wickes Class destroyer kits. This very inclusive fret will be available around mid-April and retail for $14.00 USD.
  • 200712181133_SN72002
News (and first images) in from across the pond at MPM Models, Czech Republic, of their anticipated release of the German IIA U-boot!
  • kongou1
Join me in taking a closer look at Fujimi Models new 1/350 IJN Battleship Kongo. If you take a really close look, you'll see the 1/350 styrene crew!
  • DSCF3882
Lost Battalion Miniatures announced their new releases.
  • mehur002
La Meridiana Miniatures announced their new figure release.
  • navywordoftheday
Haze Grey and Underway
  • Olympics-camera-team-Test2
The trend amongst several manufacturers at the moment, is to produce 'vignettes-in-a-box'. This is particularly notable from companies such as Masterbox or, the recently announced set from ICM. Now, for the first time, Dragon Models Ltd. have announced a similar iniative.
  • 72068_6
Pavla Models, Czech Republic, sends a very interesting announcement of a new, full resin kit, in 1/72 scale.

As a producer of mainly aircraft (and a few AFV) and related kits and a/m parts, this new release from Pavla supports the fact that the shipbuilding genre is growing!
  • 1129_2_full
Drabant Miniatures announced their new releases.
  • art
1:32 scale aircraft fans are enjoying a constant run of new kits these days, and heres three more from Trumpeter which will appeal to WW2 era modellers.
  • Revell 1:72 VIIC (built by AMP) with AMP Flag, PE, and Waterline Decals
New aftermarket manufacturer Accurate Model Parts have introduced a line of new abd very exciting looking fabric flags to greatly enhance and add realism and beauty to your next build!
  • snortbull1
Part two of a News series, focusing on new company Accurate Model Parts and their decal products, this time, we look closer at The 7th U-Flottille Snorting Bull insignia, and the quality decals available from AMP!
  • decal_bow
MSW Crew-mates Wink Grise and Dougie Martindale have paired together once again in business for the shipwright, formerly of U-Brass Company, these two gents have developed a new company, Accurate Model Parts, and have plans on offering many products for us shipbuilders, that are essential to the accuracy of our builds.
  • hauler_hlx48237
The Czech AM manufacturer, Hauler, have just announced a series of very interesting looking new releases.
  • 12 countries operate the Type 209 submarine in five variants. The South Kor
South Africa placed a contract for three Type 209/1400 submarines in July 2000 on Howaldtswerke-Deutche Werft (HDW) and Thyssen Nordseewerke. The Type 209/1400 displaces 1,450t surfaced and 1,600t dived. The Type 209/1400 submarines replace the French-built Daphne Class submarines, SAS Spear, SAS Assegai and SAS Umkhonto which were decommissioned in 2003.

The first submarine, SAS Manthatisi (S101), was built by Howaldtswerke at Kiel. It was launched in June 2004 and commissioned in November 2005. The second and third submarines were built by Thyssen Nordseewerke in Emden. The SAS Charlotte Maxeke (S102) was launched in May 2005 and commissioned in March 2007. The third submarine, SAS Queen Modjadji (S103), was launched in 2006 and will be commissioned in 2008.
  • AXT351016instruction11
The latest three decal sheets in 1/35th scale have been announced by Echelon Fine Details.
  • navywordoftheday
Son of a Gun

Remember I said this is a family site!

  • 35065a
Alpine Miniatures are proud to announce their new releases for March, 2008.
  • nmc
Dark Tower Hobbies announces an exciting new name for their online store!
  • sd7
Recently, courtesy of Trumpeter's U.S. importer, we published the news of the release of an Sd. Kfz 7 in 1/35th scale. Now, taking the story a little further, some images of this long-awaited kit.
  • 3538
Two releases, from MasterBox Ltd. which we featured as 'WIPs' are now getting close to release.
  • wempe35101b
White Ensign Models announces the upcoming release of their 1/350 WEM PE 35101 1/350 Nagato photo etch set. John Snyder and Peter Hall have really out done themselves with what will be the largest photo etch set ever offered by WEM. This outstanding set will retail for $98.55 USD.
It is deep regret that we announce the closure of the Korean company many figure modellers saw as the new hope: Seil Models.
  • Mk35
MK35 Editions have announced a new diorama accessory in 1/35 scale; a war Memorial Monument.

  • SKP
New from Skp is a set of brass British Mk 2 Helmets.
  • 35047
MiniArt Limited have just updated their website with images of their new figure set along with some new buildings/diorama sets.
  • yukikaze2_usn_s286588
Aoshima Models brings us a post war twist on an Imperial Japanese Navy war survivor. In 1947, the Japanese destroyer Yukikaze was given to the Republic of China and renamed the Tan Yang. Aoshima announces that they will kit this final version of the famous destroyer in their new 1/700 Full Hull Chinese Destroyer Tan Yang offering. This kit is scheduled to hit the market in late April of 2008. Retail price for this kit will be $20.12.
  • PE35207_01
Voyager Model have just announced five new update sets covering a variety of vehicles.
  • 700087
Ahoy Mates!
LionRoar sends us Details and images of three new 1.700 scale A/M upgrades in WWII, ship-board artillery...
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