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  • us_cable_reels_350th
John Snyder at White Ensign Models stops by to show of the latest Peter Hall creations. Hot off the computer, WEM is taking orders for their new PE 35105, 1/350 USN Cable Reels and PE 785, 1/700 USN Cable Reels. The 1/350 cable reel set will retail for 3.62 Pounds ($7.40) and the 1/700 cable retail set will retail for 2.12 Pounds ($4.33).
  • 6469-2
Dragon Models are continuing to make the maximum use of the 38(t) chassis.
  • 0060
Tank Workshop has just announced another new release.
  • 86final-covers
Eagle Editions have published the complete story of the training and operations of the 86th FG, Third Air Force and later with the Twelfth Air Force. Written by Steve Luce, a son of one of the group’s pilots Lt. Warren Luce, the new book describes both the men as well as the machines they flew in a comprehensive, fully photographically documented format.
  • capstans
Harry Abbott from Battlefleet Models stops by to give us word of his latest addition to his resin accessory line. Harry has bundled up several of the various deck fittings in to one set, the BFM-7105 Assorted Winches, Windlass and Capstans. This set includes 12 types of winches & windlass, two of each kind and two types of capstans, four of each kind. This set retails for $5.00.
  • pr_12701_1
Academy has introduced a new boxing in their 1/35 UH-1C Huey Gunship family. The kit includes new decals that are both colorful and plenty.
  • 48056
Cobra Company brings us a new set to accurately portray a USCG HH-65 interior for the Trumpeter kit.
  • CMKSP8028_L
Modelimex have released pics of two new 1/48 scale resin kits of US WW2 airfield vehicles.
  • 6011X-1
DML have just sent us the posters for two releases in 1/35th scale.
  • Wee Friends
One of the most refreshing ventures this year was the start up of Jakrei Miniatures by Pete Morton. Pete has now sold on the complete range to Ian Hanratty of Friendship Models who will be distributing and selling them under the name Wee Friends.
  • XK72004
Hot news for lovers British jets! Hannants have released a brand new Canberra P.R.9 as part of their Xtrakits range.
  • The Frankenthal Minehunter Class 332 built by Lurssen.
The Frankenthal Class (Type 332) minesweepers have been built for the German Navy by Abeking & Rasmussen and Lurssenwerft shipyards. They were built between 1992 and 1998 and are part of the German Navy's minesweeper Squadron 1, with headquarters in Olpenitz.

The ships share a common hull design with the Hameln Class Type 343 minesweepers, built by the same prime contractor, an industrial consortium led by STN Systemtechnik Nord. The ships are constructed of non-magnetic steel.

  • P353010
One of the more frustrating/complex/irritating (delete where applicable) jobs in figure painting, is undoubtedly painting rank insignia on camouflage uniforms. Now, help is at hand from the decal specialist Echelon Fine Details
  • T35031instruction1
Only a few days after releasing a batch of new releases (in a variety of scales) Echelon Fine Detailsare at it again, with even MORE releases.
  • 11153
You wait years for one Staghound to come along and then another arrives hot on it's heels. Italeri have finally released their 1/35 scale kit of the Staghound mark one armored car.
  • plasticcups
A short time ago Gator’s Paint Masks posed the question to modelers as what painting accessories they would most like to have. Well, ol’ Gator listened and proudly introduces his new line of painting accessories and an alternative to costly punch sets. The new painting accessories include 1oz and 4oz graduated mixing cups, 8oz lab bottle and a 3 piece sable hair detail brush set.
  • DSC02518
Classic Warship Publishing proudly announces the release of two new Ship Craft books, British Battlecruisers of the Second World War and Fletcher Class Destroyers. As with all Ship Craft titles, these books are written with the modeler and researcher in mind. Both books retail for $19.00.
  • WWI_German_pilot_in_Flight_suit
The Model Cellar, Great War specialists, have recently announced the release of a new 1/48 scale pilot, one which would make a great little addition to virtually any 1/48 scale WWI German aircraft - or look great even on its own.
  • winter_basing_kit002
US based Skullcrafts started out as a relatively small venture, who's products are primarily targetted at the tabletop wargaming miniatures market. That said, as is so often the case in this wonderful hobby of ours, many of the products can also be used by figure and diorama modellers. Here's a look at their catalogue.
  • DML
In a welcome addition to the Dragon range of Allied figures comes news from the Dragon USA site s of a new Generation 2 figure set.

  • SKP018_ES001
SKP Model of the Czech Republic are a relatively new manufacurer who are combining injection-mouldled kits with a useful range of update sets. This is their latest.
  • VP january 08 pictures for news
Verlinden Productions have recently announced their forthcoming January 2008 releases - including a 1:35 scale D-Day vignette and a new 200mm figure.
  • WWI_German_pilot_in_Flight_suit
The Model Cellar, Great War specialists, have recently announced the release of a new 1/48 scale pilot, one which would make a great little addition to virtually any 1/48 scale WWI German aircraft - or look great even on its own.
  • public bench
MK35 have announced a new accessory in 1:35 scale - a Public Bench.

  • wempe35100a
White Ensign Models is here with a look at their upcoming photo etch set for the new 1/350 IJN Takao. The set will include two large frets for all the ships in the class, including the Takao in her 1944 fit. John has even included enough awning stantions to cover the quarter deck or the foc’s’le. Retail cost will be 42.51 pounds. WEM is taking pre-orders now.
  • VL2email
Meteor Productions sends us a sneak peek of their upcoming nautical releases. The 1/35 HMS Victory Launch will include parts to show her provisioning the ship (food and water), kedging (towing an anchor ahead of the ship when becalmed, then hauling in the anchor line to move the ship ahead) and for armed landing parties. The exact release date and cost has yet to be announced.
  • p53030_00b
Building Trumpeter Models 1/350 scale CV-14 Ticonderoga ? Well mate, Eduard Model Accessories has just the aftermarket accessory upgrade for you!

Here is the latest release in full color, high resolution splendor!
  • Voyage_to_the_Bottom_of_the_Sea_Seaview_Model_kit
New to Model Shipwrights is Moebius Models. Moebius Models was founded by Frank Winspur in order to bring back classic scifi and horror kits. Moebius is proud to announce their upcoming release, the 1/128 Seaview from the movie and tv series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” The Seaview is the first kit produced by Moebius Models as part of their agreement with Synthesis Entertainment.
  • 1
Osprey Publishing have recently announced the following figure modelling related titles, due to be released during January through March 2008.
  • STZ001A_2_Full
Tank Workshop have now released four new update sets in 1/35th scale.
  • bis_1
Revell Germany sends us production photos of their new 1/350 Bismarck. There is a lot of nice details here and it looks like they have another winner on their hands.
  • 3.7cm Pak
The Ukrainian Braille Scale manufacturer Ace Model has announced a new model of the 3.7cm Pak.35/36 in 1/72 scale.

  • challenger book
Skp have announced a new book on the subject of the Challenger MK.VIII (A30).
  • cid_CC1CE21B-B6EA-4573-903E-6F2520D5A50D
Few companies are showing the enthusiasm that RealModel is with the Stryker in 35th scale. Here are their latest offerings.
  • C089e
Accurate Armour have just announced one of their biggest list of releases in quite a while. WWII vehicles sets include the Staghound and the Panther while the Post-War and Modern ranges are also expanded.
  • K48007e
Accurate Armour have just announced more releases in 1/48th scale aimed at the aviation modeler - particularly for those who want to add support vehicles to dioramas.
  • HLS48004
Hauler have just announced the perfect complement for those thirsty quarter-scale Sturmoviks on your flightline.
  • 3
Osprey Publishing have just sent us images of the covers of their future releases for January and March 2008.
  • CGF1391
Spanish manufacturer El Viejo Dragón Miniatures have just announced the release of two new 54mm figures from two very different eras.
  • M113/A3 "OIF"
One of the most enduring APCs and a favourite of modelers must be the M113. Now Academy are set to release a 1/35 scale model of the M113/A3 “OIF” in January 2008 so be warned - don’t max out your credit card over Christmas.
  • MW-06a
PiLiPiLi Miniatures are proud to announce a new addition to the Man O War series of busts:
  • The Italian Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the Cavour (formerly known as t
On 22 November 2000, a contract was drawn up between Fincantieri and the Italian Ministry of Naval Defence to supply an aircraft carrier vessel, known as the Nuova Unita Maggiore (NUM) or 'New Major Vessel', to the Italian Navy.

The Cavour was launched in July 2004 and began sea trials in 2006. The aircraft carrier will be commissioned in December 2007 and enter service in May 2008.
  • untitled6
Here's a "sneek peek" inside the box of Dragon Models Limited new "Premium Edition" kit, "HMS Invincible", in 1/700 scale plastic injection.
  • 35001_Carpets_on_Real_Cloth_Pic2
In Holland a new company has appeared on the market. Reality in Scale is a company specializing in diorama products. In this, a very complete report on the company's products we take a look on what's on offer.
  • 35001_Carpets_on_Real_Cloth_Pic2
In Holland a new company appeared on the market. Reality in Scale is a company specialised in diorama products. Nothing special you might say but Reality in Scale seems to make their name true in their products since the products show next to a good quality also a very high originality when it comes to subjects.
  • marder3M_-_1
K59 are a Hong Kong based company who produce a range of 1/35th scale update sets for a variety of vehicles.
  • Normandy Wall
Mk35 Editions have announced this new 1:35 scale Wall in ceramic and resin.
  • g02929_1268038
HOT NEWS in from our mates across the pond in Russia, an announcement of a new model manufacturer, AND test shots of their first offering!
  • 6461-1
DML have just sent us images of their new Gun Crew set in 1/35th scale.
  • 15_in_guns_for_hood
BMK is here to announce the release of their latest turned brass barrel offering. New to the inventory is the 15"/42 (38,1cm/42) gun barrel in 1/700. The 15"/42 gun barrel was used by many British warships including the Queen Elizabeth, Royal Sovereign (1916), Glorious, Repulse, Hood, Vanguard, Marshal Soult and Roberts Classes. These barrels with retail for $1.48 each and are available in single barrel quantities.
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