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  • tang-patch2
NEWS in from Nautilus Models of a new USS Tang conversion set now available for the Revell 1/72 scale Gato kit!
  • YH1810-1
Young Miniatures will release new items at 10 January 2008. They are launching a bust and a 90 mm Viking figure which was sold out as white metal and it is reappearing in resin casting now.
  • zoom_4-p
JMD Miniatures final releases for 2007 appear to have quietly slipped below the radar - well mine at least. JMD's final figure releases for 2007 included a Great War British Sergeant, and (if memory serves) the French Golden Daemon 2007 winning entry: a stunning 54mm Demonette.
  • 2167350904_53430a816f
On the heels of Dragon’s new 1/700 USS Boxer release, Starfighter Decals announces the release of two new decal sets for this kit. Available now, 700-24 LPH-4, LPH-5 and LPH-8 1960-65 and 700-61 LPH-4, LPH-5 and LPH-8 1966-70+ pick up where the Dragon decals leave off. The 1960 – 1965 set retails for $12.50 while the 1966 – 1970 decal set retails for $10.00.
  • bc7032a
Elite Miniatures final release for 2007 appears to have quietly slipped below the radar - well mine at least. Elite's final figure for 2007, released back in November, was a 70mm white metal Conquistador during a moment of prayer, or self-reflection.
  • Miracle Masks Trial sets
Miracle Masks produces a range of paint masks for markings on aircraft as an alternative to decals and they have announced that they are producing two "Trial" sets of masks for those that are nervous about trying them.
  • Mk35 A080 Norman fence
Mk35 Editions have followed their release of A070 DESTROYED NORMANDY WALL with another 1/35 Scale diorama accessory for a Normandy setting; A080 NORMAN FENCE.
  • ART_0008bis
Alexander Miniatures recently announced their final figure for 2007: an impressive looking 75mm Celtic Nobleman.
The Atlanta Military Figure Society warmly invites you to their 30th Annual Show on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, February 22-24, 2008, at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Powers Ferry Hotel.
  • 24221
Verlinden Productions have recently announced their forthcoming February 2008 releases. These include US soldiers over a period of time from WW2 PTO to Vietnam to Iraq.
  • Miniart
Miniart are to release a German version of their SU 76 kit .
  • 880
Polish model company Adalbertus have recently announced a very unique new release: a female Polish Home Army Courier during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.
  • WS-13-03
Spanish miniature manufacturer Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their January 2008 new releases. This month, in addition to their latest Warlord Saga and Pin Up series additions, sees Andrea cover a variety of themes from a somewhat fantasy based looking Saxon to Colonial Britain and early American history.
One of our own advertisers and members, Smith Military Modeling, is having a winter sale.
  • wempe35107
John Snyder from White Ensign Models announces the release of their new Photo Etch Kriegsmarine Cable Reels. These nicely etched reels are sure to dress up any Kriegsmarine ship. The sets come in 1/700, 1/400 and 1/350 scales and retail for $3.75 for 1/700 and $5.81 for the 1/400 and 1/350 sets each. Look for them to be available by the end of January. White Ensign Models is taking pre-orders now.
  • Boeing X-20 Dyan-Soar
Anigrand Craftswork's are no strangers to producing experimental aircraft in kit form and their two latest release's are not disappointing.
  • cossak54_01
Polish company Siskin Miniatures have recently announced their first new release for 2008: a 17th Century Cossack.
  • MHC 53 Pelican photographed from the port side.
The Osprey class ships are the world's largest Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) ships and are the first US Navy ships designed solely for minehunting. The technique used to locate mines is by high-definition sonar and the mines are neutralised with a remotely controlled underwater vehicle.

The platform has been designed with exceptionally low magnetic and acoustic signatures to protect against mine detonations during minehunting operations.
  • HM35009
Here is our January Releases which consists of German Casualties 1942-1945. The figures can be painted either as SS or as Wehrmacht soldiers. Perfect for your Eastern Front to Ardennes to final Battle of Berlin projects.
  • 1920_s_Agaki
Continuing to bring interesting subjects to the ship modeling world, Hasegawa Models announces the release of their new 1/700 Triple Flight Deck Akagi . Converted to a aircraft carrier in 1922, the Akagi was built with two hangars, a flush flight deck, and two hangar deck forward platforms for take off. In addition, she was equipped with two funnels, one which curved downwards and a smaller which curved upwards. This very interesting and unusual kit will be available in July of 2008.
  • 9006_0
Centauro-Line Miniatures, the model company of Markus Eckmann (HF sculpting DG host) and Ulrich Puchala, have recently announced their first release for 2008: an impressive mounted Great War Garde du Corps.
  • 3-50-19-x3
Building on their current 1/72 Gato class accessory line, Nautilus Models announces the release of their new US 3” Mount MK 19 Mod 0 and US Submarine Machine Gun Set. Both of these sets are tailor made to portray and early war Gatos or those boats that did not have a 4” or 5” gun due to availability of those weapons. Retail cost on these accessories will be $20.00 for the 3” mount and $15.00 for the machine gun set. Release date has yet to be announced.
  • d179
Following on the heels of their new 1/350 Bismarck, Revell Germany announces the release of their new 1/144 Fletcher Class German Z-5 Destroyer. This completely new kit is scheduled to be released in November of 2008. The retail price of this kit is listed at $87.52 USD
  • l_HAS72118
In response to the growing 1/350 ship market, Hasegawa Models announces the release of two new Imperial Japanese Navy Ship Equipment Sets. The first of these sets, with will be available in March 2008, is the 1/350 Japanese Navy Ship Equipment Set A. This set contains World War 2 Japanese small caliber ship weapons and range finders along with photo etch details and figures. Retail cost for this set will be $20.00. Also to be released is the 1/350 Japanese Navy Warship's Boats Set A. This set contains everything to equip you IJN ship with all the boats and launches it carried. Along with those boats come the photo etch to dress them up. This kit also will retail for $20.00.
  • 6377-1
At the beginning of December, Pat McGrath first posted the advance news of DML's Future U.S. Infantry release. Now, the company have sent us images of this interesting new set.
Trumpeter has announced a forthcoming set of 1/35 Vietnam-era CH-47 helicopter pilots and crewmen.
  • couragious
NEWS in from Pavel Vacata, of Admiralty Modelworks, of his next 1/700 scale full resin ship kit, HMS Courageous, 1917.
  • 1940july07
Expanding on our earlier report of this subject, Trumpeter Models sends us more details on one of their early summer releases for 2008, with the 100% newly tooled French Battleship Richelieu!
  • pt76
Trumpeter (thru their U.S. Importers) have just sent us information on some of the second-quarter releases for 2008.
  • Z_Leo_web
Yedharo Models' new year message includes their new releases, a 54 mm figure and a bust. These items are the very first pieces of their new fantasy series called War of Zodiac
  • World_War_II_Germany_navy_Flak-28_4_centimeters
China based aftermarket accessory manufacturer Flyhawk sends us an announcement, with images, of their latest scheduled releases for early 2008.
  • 1405_full
Drabant Miniatures send us their new year message and announce their new releases. Five new figure kits and all are American Civil War related.
  • Academy Grant
Academy have released images of their forthcoming 1/35 scale M3 "Grant"
  • Marcomannic_Warrior01
Seil Models announce their new releases. They are launching a 75 mm Marcomannic Warrior figure kit and this is not the only piece for January! All the new figure kits include also some special additions.
  • DSC02602
Squadron/Signal Books has been providing the scale modeler quality reference books of a variety of subjects for years. Keeping with this tradition, they are proud to announce their latest release, Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers in Action. This 52 page book covers all the Burke class destroyers with lots of photos, plans and color renderings. The modeler will find references for proposed variants, DDG-1000, RQ-8 Fire Scout helo, WLD mine hunting system and the AESD 'Sea Jet' test bed. Retail price is $12.50.
Terry Martin sends us news that The Atlanta Miniature Figure Society have recently launched their new website.
  • Master Box
Some new figures from Master Box Ltd including a set entitled "Scotland the Brave" showing members of the Highland Division advancing to the sound of the pipes.
  • l_DRA7074
Continuing their Premium Edition line of ships, Dragon Models proudly announces their 3 in 1 Premium Edition 1/700 Russian Navy Pyotr Veliky. Dragon’s Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great) has been released before, but as with their other Premium Edition kits, it has been completely reworked and is offered as a 3-in-1 kit. The other Kirov-class large missile cruisers that can be assembled from this kit are Admiral Nakhimov (formerly christened Kalinin, and which is also actively serving in the Northern Fleet) and Frunze. All parts necessary to accurately render any of these three vessels are included in the kit, offering modelers more choice. As with other Premium Edition releases, there is photo-etched parts for items like helicopter's rotor blades, railings, antennas and radar. This kit from Dragon represents one of the most powerful naval ships patrolling modern-day oceans.
  • 7517-cover
For those specializing on the U.S.M.C. - particularly those who concentrate on the Corps during O.I.F., this new book should be very welcome news indeed.
  • l_DRA7361
Firstly, my thanks to whoever noticed this and posted it on the Forums. This report covers two releases, significant enough on their own, but with the news that DML are now doing figures in 1/72nd scale, the story takes on a different dimension.
  • 35-01-02-01
Viktor Antonov of ANT Miniatures has kindly announced us about their new released figure kit.
  • 700-26_USS_Yorktown_CV-5_Air_Group_1938
Starfighter Decals is best known for their line of decals to equip just about any air group in almost any scale for any carrier. Mark Tutton, owner of Starfighter, is proud to announce the latest and last of the Ship decal sets for 2007. These new sets include pre-war air wings for the Yorktown, Enterprise, Saratoga and Lexington in 1/700 and two sets for the FDR in 1/700.
  • i2007-11_07
After a busy Christmas line-up, Eduard keep the pace up with a bundle of new releases for January.

With the brand new Grumman Hellcat looking set for release early in the spring, Eduard have concentrated on returning to some old favourites in new guises. There are truly spectacular new boxings of the Brisfit and Mirage 2000, while the Fw 190A-8 must surely be the most elaborate "Weekend Edition" yet! The highlights among the new photoetched sets are a whole series designed for Trumpeter's big Grumman Wildcat, but there's plenty else too, with some old favourites like Eduard's own neat little Bf 108 getting some deserved time in the limelight again.
  • HrMs Rotterdam (L 800)
Schelde Shipbuilding of the Royal Schelde Company, based in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, has built the Rotterdam class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The Royal Schelde Company was awarded the contract to build Hr Ms Rotterdam (L801) in April 1993 – the ship was launched in 1997 and commissioned in 1998. In 2002, the Royal Netherlands Navy ordered a second Rotterdam Class LPD, HrMs Johan de Witt (L801).

  • YM1809-6
Young Miniatures have updated their web site with a new bust.
  • 350th_richelieu
Trumpeter Models has been setting the model ship world on fire since the release of their 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8. After the Hornet, Trumpeter gave us enough 1/350 Essex class carriers to build the entire Task Force 38/58. They continued to surprise us with the North Carolina and the Hood and their wonderful selection 1/700 kits. Today, they continue their blockbuster releases with the upcoming 1/350 French Battleship Richelieu and 1/350 HMS Repulse along with a squadron of 1/700 US cruisers.
  • ConstitutionTop
Modellers may recall seeing a few images of the USS Constitution Fighting Top Diorama in our 2007 Washington DC Show Report. We now have pleasure to inform you that the complete diorama is available in kit form from The Cutting Edge Waveform and Meteor Productions.
AP News Story
SAN DIEGO - An Illinois teenager whose appendix ruptured at sea, hundreds of miles from help, got safely to shore Tuesday after an unusual rescue in which the Navy airlifted her from a cruise ship for emergency surgery.

Laura Montero, 14, of Albion, Ill., fell ill aboard the Dawn Princess cruise ship off the coast of Baja California. The Bahamian-registered ship sent out a distress call Friday that was answered by the USS Ronald Reagan, which was on training maneuvers about 500 miles away.
  • 350-42
Gold Medal Models has proven themselves to be one of the top photo etch manufacturers for ship models of all scales. Always staying up to date with the latest releases, they work hard to help model shipwrights dress up their favorite kits. With the new 1/350 IJN Takao in stores, Gold Metal Models is proud to announce the upcoming release of their 1/350 IJN Takao Photo Etch Set. The release date and retail price have yet to be announced.
  • header
A new company for the News Section, Griffon Model, are a Chinese company who are producing an increasingly large range of 1/35th scale update sets. These are their latest products - all for the Stryker.
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