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  • 7059-cover
With the steady release program of German Artillery in kit form, there still, however, remains a need for good reference material. Concord Publications have just announced a new title on that subject.
  • PE35217_01
Once again, Voyager Model have announced a series of 1/35th scale update sets covering a wide variety of vehicles.
  • The Delta IV is a strategic ballistic missile firing nuclear propelled subm
The Russian Navy operates seven Delta IV class strategic missile submarines. The submarines operate in the Northern Fleet and are based at the Saida Guba Naval Base.

The submarines were built at the Severodvinsk Shipyard from 1981 to 1992. The first of class, K51, was commissioned in December 1985. In Russia, they are referred to as the Delfin or Dolphin class Project 667 submarines.

  • CB35015_LWS
In a continued attempt to keep the salivary juices flowing, here's a an image update on what will be coming in the next few months from Bronco Model in 1/35th scale.
  • Kurogane
Tamiya have released the Japanese 4x4 light vehicle "Kurogane," as kit TAM32558 in their 1/48 Military series.
  • jetty_0
Are you wanting to build a 1/350 pier side diorama? Are you looking for something a little more rustic than the standard concrete pier? The Resin Shipyard may just have what you are looking for with the upcoming release. Their 1/350 Old style wooden Jetty with small building and yard set features an old post and beam style jetty complete with tire bumpers tied to the wharf’s side. Also included in this set is three small wharfside buildings, a fuel tank and several pieces of deck cargo all ready for your freighter to tie up and load. Retail cost of this kit is $35.00 Canadian. The Resin Shipyard has yet to set a release date.
  • 04160
Aoshima Models brings out the big guns with the release of two 1/700 waterline Japanese battleships. These two kits, the IJN Mutsu 1943 Katsura Island and the IJN Nagato 1944 Leyte Sea, showcases one of these majestic ships just before her tragic end and the other in her last glorious battle. These kits will retail for $21.35 each and be available at the end of February 2008.
  • DF70-13
Spanish historical miniature company Art Girona have recently announced a number of new pieces, including a 70mm SS Panzerschutze - a rather uncommon subject for this scale.
  • Hans_zu_Sachsen_at_tournament-02
Seil Models have recently announced their February releases. In addition to a new 200mm Roman bust, this month's releases includes an impressive mounted tournament knight!
  • alchiba3
News in from Battlefleet Models, Harry Abbott, owner/operator is busy pouring resin, trying to get caught up on his orders, but he took a few minutes and sent us some new images of his newest kit, AK-23 Alchiba, and also kit details!
  • ART_0051
It's always nice to find something different and this 1/35th figure range from Italian manufacturer, Alexander Miniatures, certainly comes into this category. I must admit to never having heard of the company before - so, as many times before, i'm grateful to Terry Ashley's P.M.M.S. site for featuring them.
  • nwm
Preview shots courtesy of Chris Mrosko of two OIF figures on the way from NWM. One is in 1/16 scale and the other in 1/35.
  • 008
This is the part of the News Editor's job I really like - giving advance news of work-in-progress. This is doubly enjoyable when we're mentioning figures which have been high on many 'wishlists' for years.
  • bronco2
Bronco Model's U.S. importer have just sent us images of a couple of interesting releases which should be available in March 2008.
  • 04213
Aoshima Models sets sails in a big way with four new 1/350 sailing ship due out this February. All reasonably priced at $16.85, these beautiful kits will add to any model shipwright’s collection. Due to release are the Kaiwo Maru, the USCG Eagle, the Nippon Maru and the Cutty Sark.
  • bronco_ka_ding
Building on the success of their 1/700 offering, Bronco Models proudly announces the upcoming release of their new 1/350 "Kang Ding" Class Frigate . This newly tooled entry in the 1/350 ship world is due to hit the shelves March 2008. Retail price on this nice kit will be $74.98.
  • Classicae_Images_016
Classicae Artworks recently announced the first release in a series of works exclusive to Classicae by talented British sculptor Roy Hunt. Entitled 'Ronin', the figure depicts a Samurai warrior from the Muromachi period, c1570, who has fallen on hard times and is on the road in search of a new master.
  • 736px-Uss_alaska_cb
Adding to their line of beautifully cast resin ships, Midship Models proudly announces the upcoming release of their 1/700 USS Alaska CB-1. This sleek resin man-of-war comes complete with photo etch details. Midship Models 1/700 USS Alaska will retail for $79.99.
  • Alexander_von_Humboldt_ship_all_sails
Continuing with their line up of interesting ship subjects, Revell Germany Models proudly announces their latest release, the 1/150 Sailing Bark "Alexander von Humboldt". This kit comes with the von Humboldt’s trademark green sails and simulated wood deck. This 224 part kit retails for $46.90 and is available know.
  • i2007-11_08
The first of Eduard's new original releases for 2008 arrives next month in the shape of their eagerly awaited 1/48 scale Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat. While the earlier Fw 190 and Bf 110 have been quite complex kits, this time Eduard are aiming to make the Hellcat much more straightforward and aimed at the mainstream modeller. Although it may be somewhat simpler, we can still expect the company's attention to surface detail, as the accompanying photo of the fuselage of a test-shot shows. Also exciting for Navy fans, February sees the ex-MPM/Special Hobby Fulmar issued in a new form - the Mk.II, complete with the prominent cheek inlets and a set of 5 x colour schemes.
  • 533
The Italian manufacturer, Royal Model have just sent us details (and images) of their latest 1/35th scale releases:
  • 75-043_2
Pegaso Models release two new items in this month. A 75 mm Landsqueneckt and a snow puppet.
  • dd21_2sthumb
DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class - Multimission Destroyer: Advanced Technology Surface Combatants, USA

In November 2001, the US Department of Defense announced that the DD 21 program for the future surface combatant had been revised and would now be known as DD(X). The program focus would now be on a family of advanced technology surface combatants, rather than a single ship class.

A revised request for proposals was issued and in April 2002, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Ingalls was selected as the lead design agent for DD(X). Northrop Grumman led the 'gold team' which included Raytheon Systems Company as the systems integrator.
  • 35062c
Here are the first of Alpine Miniatures releases for 2008
  • Challenger
Skp have had the following announcement on their website for a while now: Great secret surprise ! ! coming soon !INJECTED MOULD KIT OF BRITISH AFV FROM WW II !

Well the kit has now been confirmed as a Challenger A30.

  • wempe3586
John Snyder from White Ensign Models announce that Peter Hall has put the finishing touches on their new 1/350 Mikasa Photo Etch Detail Set. This set features everything you have come to expect from a WEM detail set. John is accepting pre-orders now and the retail price will be $61.84.
  • 35062b
Hello Gents,
Happy New Year to you all!
  • Formations
In his ongoing quest to to keep Slobbering Sherman Freaks of the world happy (No Offence intended- I'm one myself) Rob Ervin of Formations has added a new Late High Bustle 75mm Sherman Turret and a M4A2 Direct Vision Upper Hull to his line of products.
  • ColProf
John Snyder proves again that White Ensign Models produces quality resin ship kits along with their quality photo etch sets. Now shipping from WEM is their new 1/700 Lake-class US Coast Guard Cutter. These pre-war built cutters roamed the North Atlantic on ice patrol and catching smugglers before being pressed in to wartime duties. WEM’s 1/700 Lake-class US Coast Guard Cutter, kit number K744, can be built as any of the ships in the class even though the directions only indicate the USCGC Itasca and Tahoe. Retail price for this little beauty is $50.05.
  • SG01-01
There is no better way to get the look of wood than with wood. Sinsengumi Models proudly announces their latest releases, the 1/350 Wood Deck Set for Battleship Nagato and 1/350 Wood Deck Set for Battleship Yamato. These wood decks are pre-cut and ready for installation on Hasegawa’s Nagato and Tamiya’s Yamato. No cutting is necessary, just apply the wood directly to the plastic deck. Retail price for these sets are $86.84 for the Nagato and $88.80 for the Yamato.
  • 06_Leo_bust
As we announced before Yedharo Models have a new fantasy line. The first bust from this line is now available.
  • diorama base

Miniart have provided an illustrated step by step guide, on their website, to assembling their vac form buildings.
  • NWM

Just in; some tantalizing new images from Chris Mrosko, of New World Miniatures, of some forthcoming Axis figures.
  • R-Class-2
Are you looking to model a prewar USN submarine? Loose Cannon Productions proudly announces their latest release, the USN “R” Class Submarines, Early and Late Versions. This kit, containing two “R” Class submarines, will retail for $20.00 and is available now.
  • arkroyalbookreviewrk_1
The Aviation Workshop’s latest addition to their On-Target series will be of interest to fans of Royal Navy aircraft carriers. The book, HMS Ark Royal Fifty Years of Flight 1955-2005, tells the story of the fourth and fifth ships to carry the proud name “Ark Royal” for the Royal Navy. Written by by Denis J. Calvert and Gary Madgwick and illustrated by Jon Freeman, the book will retail for $43.36
  • Ren_Gate_7
Reality in Scale is a relatively new diorama company from Holland who we covered recently here on Armorama. Here are some of the latest updates on the company.
  • portada_e01eng
One of the more difficult aspects of dioramas, is to convincingly model water. In this new book, by the publishers of the quarterly magazine Xtreme Modelling, some interesting solutions should be available.
Graham at Resicast has announced new deep wading gear sets for the Sherman III and V plus another tank accessories kit (You can never have too much stowage) and a set of British "Compo" boxes and biscuit tins.
  • n54111
New Nemrod figures are available from Historex.
  • Nemrod
Nemrod have released a 1/35 Staghound crew in resin.
  • l_LNRLE700080
Not even remotely finished, LionRoar Model Art has announces more February releases. Including all the major navies of World War II, LionRoar’s new releases cover everything from bulkhead and hull details to weapon sets. Again, these sets will be available in February of 2008. Retail cost is to be announced at a later date.
  • 700100-10
Once again, LionRoar Model Art has put the art in model art. Their 1/700 WWII USS North Carolina Detail Set is the latest in LionRoar’s beautiful full ship set. Giving the modeler the same quality and quantity as in their 1/350 photo etch sets, LionRoar’s 1/700 North Carolina Detail set will make a nice addition to anyone wanting to build a small scale “Showboat.” This set will be available in February of 2008. Retail cost is to be announced at a later date.
  • 6527-cover
Concord Publications have just announced their latest title in their interesting 'Warrior' Series of books.
  • HM35009
Here's the latest 1/35th scale figure releases from Helo Miniatures
  • con_JvlFYM
Legend Productions have announed three new releases in 1/35th scale and a fourth in 1/48th scale.
  • The Karel Doorman class M-Frigates are equipped for anti-submarine and surf
The Royal Netherlands Navy Multi-purpose (M-Class) or Karel Doorman Class frigates were built by the De Schelde Group in Flushing and have been operational since 1996.

They are equipped for anti-submarine, anti-air and surface warfare roles. M-class frigates have supported anti-drug operations in the Caribbean with the US Navy, UN operations in the Adriatic and regularly participate in NATO exercises.
  • T2512AL
Continuing with their New Vanguard line of books, Osprey Publishing proudly announces their latest upcoming title, Tudor Warships - Henry VIII’s Navy. This 48 page paperback covers the growth of the British Navy from five warships to a deadly force of 53. Available in April of 2008, this book will retail for $17.95.
  • cuatro
Andrea Miniatures prepare to launch a 90 mm German para figure. The WW2 figure painters would like to see this one!
We were informed that the figure will be available next month.
  • 2174101988_dfaec402d4
Flyhawk Models proudly announces their latest photo etch set, the 1/700 Aoshima IJN Fuso Photo Etch. This comprehensive set offers everything you expect in a 1/350 photo etch set. Flyhawk has included hatches, superstructures, masts, turret railings, aircraft details and aircraft trolley rails along with the more common ships railings, catapults and crane details found in most photo etch sets. Retail price is to be announced and this kit should be available by the end of the month.
  • DS-TW9_Advert
Time Machine Miniatures have recently announced the latest addition to their Teutoburger Series II: a fantastic scene featuring 11 figures!
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