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Sunday, December 07, 2008 - 01:20 PM UTC
B & D Barrels have announced the release of their latest additions to their range of 1/350th scale CNC Brass barrels . A total of 3 new barrel sets for a wide range of 1/350th kitsets have just been released. These sets of CNC brass barrels are finely engineered to suit each specified application.

The full details on each of these sets are outlined below:

1. Bismarck Superset . Primarily designed for the 1/350th scale New Revell of Germany Bismarck and also the Tamiya & Academy Bismarck/Tirpitz kits or any other1/350th Bismarck/Tirpitz kit this set comprises of 8 X 15in Main Guns and 12 X 5.9in Secondary Guns.

This has a product code of BDB35025, is available now and has a listed retail price of $US60.00.

2. USN 14in/50 Barrels for BBs 40 - 44. Primarily designed for any 1/350th kit of battleships USS New Mexico, Mississippi, Idaho, Tennessee, and California kit this set comprises of 12 X 14in/50 barrels
brass barrels. This has a product code of BDB35028, is available now and has a listed retail price of $US39.00.

3. Royal Navy Mk XXIII 6in/50 light cruiser barrels. Primarily designed any 1/350th kitset of British WWII light cruisers of the Leander, Perth, Arethusa, Southampton ("Town"), Edinburgh ("Modified Town"), Fiji ("Colony"), Ceylon (Modified "Colony") and Swiftsure Classes. This set comprises of 12 x 6in/50 main guns and has a product code of BDB35029. Available now and with a listed retail price of $US 39.00.

Image courtesy of B & D Barrels
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