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Friday, December 08, 2017 - 05:13 AM UTC
Panda Hobby has kindly sent us the test shots of their M1235A1 MAXXPRO DASH DXM.
The model certainly looks detailed, with extensive use of photoetch parts where needed and complete cabin interior.

The armored glass is nicely represented also via thick transparent plastic blocks.
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when is it due out?
DEC 08, 2017 - 08:41 AM
According to hobbyeasy, the 20th of this month. For approximately $41US. Plus shipping. Any, to answer my own question, yes it can mount the minigun. Or a Mk 19 gmg.
DEC 08, 2017 - 09:15 AM
I wonder if the model has all his parts mounted on photos. No seatbelts, radio rack empty
DEC 08, 2017 - 01:45 PM
What is it that should be in the big photoetched box on the right after the seat ? A radio or something? Ok no seatsbelt or radio included in the kit but i'm hope some will come out with photo etched belts or we already have it from voyager and radio from blast models so i'm happy for the kit... :-) just hope they have done so the parts fit well together! But the kit looks very nice
DEC 08, 2017 - 03:29 PM
i had no idea there was a smaller version of the maxxpro
DEC 08, 2017 - 03:54 PM
The FBCB2 screen is also missing.
DEC 08, 2017 - 09:26 PM
Hope for a conversion to make a MaxxPro Dash with RPG Nets like vehicles deployed in Afghanistan. Windows mesh are not in metal parts like the Kinetic kit, it makes easier to built.
DEC 08, 2017 - 10:00 PM
i just picked one up on ebay
DEC 09, 2017 - 03:41 PM
These kinds of kits are great as the level of detail is, by necessity, extreme making for a more interesting build, much like most other engineer vehicles. Going to have to keep my eye open for this one!
DEC 10, 2017 - 07:39 AM
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