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Friday, November 24, 2017 - 07:50 AM UTC
A New 3D-printed designs from Model Monkey and a Special offer from Shapeways for Cyber Monday!
Good news for Shapeways customers: FREE SHIPPING on "Cyber Monday", November 27, 2017, for orders over $25.

New 3D-printed designs from Model Monkey!

New Mexico class battleship 14"/50 cal. turrets are now available.

1/700 scale: http://shpws.me/Pd0c

1/350 scale: http://shpws.me/PdjK
1/426 scale (for Revell conversions): http://shpws.me/Pdaq


Calling all 1/800 scale Forrestal class fans! Two different, accurate USS Saratoga CV-60 islands and 5"/54 cal. "Frog-Eye" mounts (turrets) are now available for your Arii and Micro Ace kits.

1958 island: http://shpws.me/PdQa
1970-1975 island: http://shpws.me/PdPY
5"/54 cal. Double-dome "Frog-Eye" Mounts: http://shpws.me/PdQv


For scratch-builders, two large scale designs for a North Carolina BB-55 class 16"/45 cal. three-gun turret:


An improved Mk.37 director in 1/125 scale for Lindberg's Fletcher class "Blue Devil Destroyer", USS Melvin DD-680: http://shpws.me/KFJf


And for 1/1250 scale fans!

1/1250 Bismarck and Tirpitz 38cm Turrets (set of 4): http://shpws.me/PeWU

1/1250 8"/55 cal. 3-gun Turrets (set of 3 + 1 spare) - for Baltimore class Heavy Cruisers: http://shpws.me/PeUx

1/1250 6"/47 cal. 3-gun Turrets (set of 5 + 1 spare) - for Brooklyn class Light Cruisers: http://shpws.me/PeOL

1/1250 6"/47 cal. 3-gun Turrets (set of 4) - for Cleveland class Light Cruisers: http://shpws.me/PeUn

1/1250 5"/38 cal. Mk.28 Twin-gun Mounts (set of 10) - for US Navy fast battleships: http://shpws.me/Pe2Q

1/1250 5"/38 cal. Mk.32 Twin-gun Mounts (set of 12) - for US Navy aircraft carriers, cruisers, and re-built pre-war battleships (e.g. USS Pennsylvania BB-38, etc.): http://shpws.me/PecQ

1/1250 Mk.37 Directors, late, with commander's cupola (set of 8): http://shpws.me/Pe2L

1/1250 "Lanterns" for Type 271 and 273 Radars (set of 20): http://shpws.me/MQDF

1/1250 USS Arizona Memorial: http://shpws.me/MquX

1/1250 USS Arizona Mooring Quays, 1941: http://shpws.me/MLCU


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Shapeways "Cyber Monday" sale just got better! Shapeways just announced that the sale on November 27, 2017 is free shipping + 10% off all orders over $25 USD! Please have a look through the Model Monkey catalog if you haven't in a while. Much has been added recently. Complete catalog: LINK Happy modeling! -Steve Larsen
NOV 25, 2017 - 09:00 AM

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