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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 07:12 PM GMT+7
True Earth presents a new water based, resin Primer in white and an Alu Effect metallic filter.
The new product, Alu Effect is not a color but a filter : it will always reflect the underlying colors.

Alu Effect avails a more natural and scaled down metallic finish, compared to other metallic paints.

More layers added on a surface, the brighter and more uniform the effect will be. With a bit more patience than a solvent based metallic solid color, a deep, scaled down and realistic color is achieved.

Pre-painting different panels in different plain colors, a multi-metal surface is obtained.

The white primer allows maximum light to colors. It adheres to plastic, resin and metal and is water based. Comes in a Flip-top cap plastic bottle of 0,97 oz.
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