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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 01:04 PM UTC
Blue Square Models has informed us of five new kits added to its catalog.
  • B72019 Versuchs-Feuerleitpanzer BN10H
  • B72045 Panzer-Selbstfahrlafette II Hornisse
  • B72046 SKPF "White Elephant" UN Variant
  • BC012 Famo cross-country wheels (for Revell kit)
  • BC013 Sd.Kfz 11/251 winter wheels (for any kit)
All the above are resin kits in 1/72 scale.

Our thanks to Blue Square Models for the update.

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In case anyone is interested: SKPF is the abbreviation for Scania KarosseriPansarFordon (there was also the VKPF, the ones made by Volvo). Karosseri = body work, Pansar = armour, Fordon = vehicle. This was armoured personell carriers built on top of 4x4 truck chassis from either Volvo or Scania. The armoured body could be lifted off the chassis. When there wasn't a need to distinguish between manufacturers they were just called KPF or KP-bil (KP-car). Anecdote: military recovery truck was called out to assist a KP-bil thathad gotten stuck on a small country road. When the wrecker gets there the KP-bil is standing on all four wheels parked halfway off the road on a slight slope, not in a deep ditch or anything. There is no visible damage, hood open, the crew is standing around waiting. The wrecker driver asks if this is a joke or something since the KP-bil doesn't look as if it needs any heavy recovery, maybe a tow but nothing difficult. Come have a look says the KP-driver and gestures to the open hood. Looking down between the engine and the radiator the wrecker mechanic sees that there is a pole (concrete or steel) sticking up between the engine and radiator. This type of pole/post was used to make road side barriers. The KP-bil had gotten too far out on the edge of the road. The lower armour in the front had slid over the pole like a skid, lifting the front of the KP-bil slightly so that the pole/post could slide in under the radiator. The recovery method was to lift the front end with the wrecker crane and then reverse the KP-bil so that it could get clear of the post. Tree stumps and largish stones could cause similar problems .... / Robin
SEP 26, 2017 - 02:04 PM
Thank you, that was quite interesting, never heard of this before. I see there is a page (in Swedish, but auto translator makes it almost readable) here: LINK The half-track releases seem to show how there are still new seams of German WWII armour to be mined. The Panzer-Selbstfahrlafette turret looks quite simplified even for this scale however.
SEP 26, 2017 - 06:22 PM
Any picture of SdKfz 9 with such tyres, please?
SEP 26, 2017 - 10:39 PM
All sorts of interesting subjects that would also attract considerable interest in 1/35! I'd much rather see stuff like this than paper panzers or silly variants of mainstream armour.
SEP 27, 2017 - 07:28 AM

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