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Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 12:31 AM UTC
Alclad II has introduced a dozen new paints in their Mil-Spec Airbrush Enamels range.
The Airbrush Company Ltd has announced a dozen new paints by Alcad II for air and armor subjects, WW2 and modern:
    ALCE024 Alclad II RAF Desert Sand/Pink
    ALCE062 Alclad II British Brown Bess
    ALCE214 Alclad II RLM65 Hellblau Pale Blue
    ALCE222 Alclad II RLM76 Weissblau White Blue
    ALCE231 Alclad II RLM78 Himmel/Hellblau
    ALCE251 Alclad II Panzer Dunkelgelb
    ALCE252 Alclad II Panzer Signalbarun
    ALCE253 Alclad II Panzer Olivgrun
    ALCE314 Alclad II Camouflage Gray
    ALCE315 Alclad II Gunship Gray
    ALCE317 Alclad II USN WWII Aircraft Light Grey
    ALCE650 Alclad II Israeli Sand Grey

Each is in a 30ml bottle.

Thanks to The Airbrush Company for sending this news.
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