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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 08:51 AM UTC
The Airbrush Company have announced the launch of the new Sparmax ARISM viz Compressor.
Tthe new Sparmax ARISM viz Compressor has a DC motor for universal usage (100-240V) in a compact frame, ideal for travel. The ARISM is designed to draw less power than comparable AC compressors and marketed as quieter.
    The ARISM viz incorporates two new innovative designs from Sparmax, the Smart-Stop, and the Silver Bullet Plus. When used in conjunction with each other the result is a compact, ergonomic, and intuitive compressor for airbrushing.

Sparmax's ARISM viz Compressor also has a rechargeable battery and charger (as an optional accessory). Technical data can be found via this link: https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=22567

Also announced is the Sparmax Silver Bullet Plus with Adjustable Bleed Valve is a moisture trap designed for wet and dirty air.

The Airbrush Company is accepting pre-orders for the expected delivery time of August 2016.

Thanks to the Airbrush Company for this news. Please remember to tell them and retailers that you saw this product here - on KitMaker Network.
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