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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - 08:46 PM UTC
There are many useful ways in which to promote this site. Here is a recent one which was carried out by three Armorama members in the North of England...
The iniative for this came from Vinnie Branigan (Teacher) and the models for the display came from Commandpost (Derek Barton) and Airraid(Dennis Worden)....

The idea came to Vinnie when he was visiting his local library. What is apparent to anyone who regularly uses a library, is that many times they have large and (usually empty!) display cases which would be perfect for displaying models...

What was done, is that enquiries were made in the library and the dispay case was available (free of charge) for the month of december..

All that was necessary to do was to add some pieces of cloth (to set the models on) , produce a few sheets with the Armorama Logo (and contact details).

A simple initiative, but one which could be easily copied throughout the world. All that is necessary is a library, two or three similarly minded individuals and the site receives free publicity. Just what could be simpler?

To see how the display at Vinnie's library looked, see the photos on the side...

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