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Sunday, October 30, 2005 - 09:32 AM GMT+7
For many people, 1/35th scale buildings are one of those time-consuming tasks which are perceived to be complex and difficult to execute with conviction. There are certainly many buildings available from the AM people which in most cases give superb results. However, sadly, what puts many modellers off is the relatvely high price of these kits. Now, it appears, help is at hand from the Ukrainian company, Miniart Limited...
1/35th Buildings in plastic? Really obvious when you think about it, but few 'Plastic' manufacturers have ever attempted it. This (relatively) new range may be the answer to many diorama builders prayers..

The intention with these 12 new releases is simple. To provide a good central focus for a diorama. The buildings, in general come 'pre-ruined' which only requires the addition of rubble and some further details such as the remains of furniture - in fact, to repeat an often repeated clich, these are limited only by the modeller's own imagination. In many cases as a 'bonus' comes in the form of a set of propagana posters..

Following on from the previous MiniArt news story on their 1/35th figure releases, it looks as though we are going to be hearing a great deal from this company in the coming months....

MiniArt Limited - 1/35th Scale Building Sets...

MIN35004 - 1/35 Polish City Building

MIN35006 - 1/35 Ukrainian City Building

MIN35007 - 1/35 Park Gate and Fence

MIN35012 - 1/35 German Village House

MIN35015 - 1/35 Belgian Village House

MIN35016 - 1/35 Russian City Building

MIN35018 - 1/35 Czech City Building

MIN35019 - 1/35 French City Building

MIN35020 - 1/35 Hungarian City Buildng

MIN35023 - 1/35 Hungarian Country House

MIN35024 - 1/35 Ukrainian Village House

AVAILABILITY: Currently, DragonUSA are offering these and the other MiniArt sets wth bonuses such as DML figure and weapons sets. They can be seen on their website, HERE!!!

MiniArt has a list of retailers/distributors on their own website, HERE!!!

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