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Friday, September 02, 2005 - 10:08 PM UTC
Dragon USA has launched a new shop at home, on line website for Modelers - Dragon-On Line- USA
"DragonUSAonline.com is a new division dedicated to bringing you obscure and hard-to-find hobby products."

That's the opening paragraph from Dragons site which is a newly launched web service for US modelers.
Handling the following brands at present, tossing in added bonuses, and kicking in free ground shipping for orders over $50.00, it's sure to be a winner for US modelers, and sure to upset a few US sellers.
The brands being carried at present are:

1. Mini-Art Diorama sets, with the added bonus of a Dragon figure set. Each building has a different set to be used with the building.

2. MasterBox kits, each with an update/replacement set of Dragon Models Panzer 1 tracks and high quality photo etch parts.

3. Tasca kits

4. Lion Roar Photo Etch sets.

An account is required, a simple matter of registering. Once registered, you can "shop til you drop". Wondering just how good the service is, I wanted to check it all out before reporting on it.
Prices appear comparative to the prices on most Hong Kong sites, and some major US sites. (although I did not check every site out there) If you are ordering the Masterbox kits or the Mini-Art building sets, the added figure sets fatten the cow. The free shipping above $50.00 is way below any US sellers, I have found, except one.
I ordered items last weekend from both a major US seller, and Dragon USA On-line. Both were just a little over the minimum to get the free ground shipping, knowing that the orders would not be handled until Monday the earliest.
Both Credit Cards were charged the same day (Monday) and both packages arrived the same day. (Friday) So both gave good fast service.

We all know how easy it is to add up $50.00, and with free shipping after that, and added bonuses kicked in, I'll be using Dragon USA On-Line again. Especially for Lion Roar photo etched leaves.

Somehow I believe/think in the future, US modelers will be buying all their Dragon products through this site, because it make good business sense. Eliminate the middleman, increase your profits, and pass on the savings. It wouldn't surprise me if Dragon Europe is not far behind. And it would not surprise me if Trumpeter isn't going to follow the leader.


DragonUSonline Website

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