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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 - 08:46 PM UTC
A few months ago, I noticed on the news pages of P.M.M.S., details of a new company, from Brazil, by the name of Warhammer Productions who we are now going to introduce here, in the news pages of Armorama...

Warhammer Productions are producing a new range of accessory sets in 1/35th, 1/72nd and now, in 120mm, their first figure....

At the moment, I only have references (and images) for six releases which are:

WH001 - Detail Set for U-Boat Type VIIC (1/72nd Revell)

WH008 - US Ammunition boxes WWII (set 1) : 1/35th

WH009 - US Ammunition boxes WWII (set 2) : 1/35th

WH010 - US Ammunition boxes WWII (set 3) : 1/35th

WH011 - German Ammunition boxes WWII : 1/35th

WH012 - Set of EIGHT Modern Jerrycans: 1/35th

Warhammer Productions' products are currently available from VLS Corporation

NOTE in the coming days, I will be updating the list from Warhammer Productions, so as they say, keep watching this space!

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