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Editorial Staff

Jim Starkweather, PUBLISHER, _EXECS
Jim is the founder and sole software developer for the KitMaker Network. He created Armorama back in 2001 as a hobby to learn more about how to build large community Web sites. As someone who had built models, Jim was hoping that creating a fun and interactive site covering scale modeling might even get him back into the hobby (and it has). He lives in Dublin, New Hampshire with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

Keith Forsyth (docdios) comes from the small town of Stafford in the United Kingdom. He began his interest in modeling at an early age with armor being the main focus. It was not until finding himself between jobs in 1995 that he really got hooked. It was during a shopping visit to another town when he came across a small modeling shop which just happened to stock Verlinden items and books. It was Verlinden's first book that set him on the road to discovering Dioramas. After becoming hooked on building plastic models he joined the local IPMS branch in his home town. It was this group of people who really helped him along in the early days.

I have written professionally for many years, and hope to use those skills to help with the review copy for Armorama. My personal interests are World War II German armor and aircraft, and I have spent some time studying a few vehicles and aircraft in detail (Sd.Kfz.7 and BF-110 G-4). I work in the marketing world, and enjoy my hobby time as a way to keep from having to be scraped off the wall at the end of the week.

Alan has been writing reviews and other content here on Armorama for many years now and we are glad to have him on staff as a Contributing Writer.

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Executive Staff

Fred's degree is in fine art with post-grad in commercial art/graphic design. After illustrating a couple of book covers and winning a logo competition he was bitten by the flying bug and became a professional pilot, earning an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Although he no longer flies for a living, he is still employed in aviation. Fred has dabbled in most parts of the hobby over the years, including model railroading. He has stepped into 1:1 scale railroading, briefly firing a small steam locomotive through Doe River Gorge on the restored East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR, then taking the throttle of a 1908 Baldwin 4-6-0 steam loco on the Nevada Northern Ry. While he craves building models, his current situation mainly limits him to reviewing and sharing his experience. Fred is a private person who is involved in his church and actively supports several missionaries around the world.

Dave’s interests run the entire spectrum of model making. Professing to be an “expert in nothing”, Dave has built just about everything from old carve your own balsa blocks, to plank on frame over the past half century. Dave firmly believes that “Experience is a great factor in overcoming problems, and simple is usually the best solution, striving for improvement, and understanding limitations is the key to enjoying this hobby”.

I have been modelling seriously for about 25 years. I served in the British Army a "Sapper", a member of the Royal Engineers, and served for 24 years as a Combat Engineer. My callsign, "Holdfast", is a reflection of my Army service. My current job is, possibly, a modellers dream. I am the senior loco builder for the world renouned Roundhouse Engineering, building 16mm gas fired, steam powered, radio controlled garden locomotives. My modelling really began when I needed models for aircraft and AFV recognition training, while serving, these were of modern subjects. As I began to get the bug I realised that my real passion is for WWII aircraft. I normally build in 1/48 but, recently, I have begun to get the urge to build in larger scales and I have just started building in 1/32. Joining the Kitmaker group has enhanced my modelling experience no end, especially as I am now the proud president of the unique IPMS-UK Kitmaker Branch. Through the Kitmaker Branch I have been able to meet, in person, many of the modellers that I have chatted to on the forums. many of these have joined the branch. I have now started a little enterprise producing custom paint masks for modellers "Miracle Paint Masks".

Sven has been building models since 2009, He was born in Boston, MA and is 19 years old, he lives in Zagreb and goes to College. He's favorite subjects are late Luftwaffe (1944-1945) and Israeli forces. For aircraft his scale of choice is mostly 1/48 and for AFV's it's 1/35.